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🌎The choice and role of an advertising agency!

🌎The choice and role of an advertising agency!

🌎The choice and role of an advertising agency!

For many companies, advertising can seem overwhelming and mysterious. Therefore, they often ask an advertising agency to develop a marketing strategy promoting their product, service or focus on the image of a given company.However, which agency to choose from among many ones operating on the market to meet the client’s expectations and let him sleep peacefully?

Someone once compared the role of an advertising agency to the work of a tailor: he collects information, creates a design, plans how, where and when to deliver the finished product to the customer. As the comparison is fully accurate, the actions of the tailor should be the basis for the analogy in relation to the work of an advertising agency.

🌎 Full service. We expect that a good tailor, as part of the services provided, can not only sew in a zipper or sew a tear. A good tailor in the field of repairing or sewing the garment will consult, make a visual design, propose – in accordance with the current fashion and occasion – material for its production and complete the order. The same applies to an advertising agency. When commissioning an advertising campaign, the advertiser expects a comprehensive range of services and chooses an agency that is able to handle it in this way. A good agency tracks the course of the campaign and analyzes the impact of actions on the client’s business, and in order to improve marketing is able to propose new strategies and solutions. BE Media agency followed this trend, offering its clients more than continuity and profitability; BE Media for its clients becomes a partner in their marketing strategy. With in-depth knowledge and experience, BE Media manages the entire advertising process and offers a fresh look at the brand image.

🌎Personalization. A good tailor adheres to the principle that one size definitely does not fit all – he performs the clients’ order taking into account their needs, but also their figure. A good advertising agency adheres to the principle that not everything is intended for everyone – it creates the right production in an appropriate, compliant way, taking into account the needs of the target audience and market trends. A good example of personalization are advertising campaigns in the right place and time. A different group of clients are people in the Medicover group clinics, and another group, e.g. in office buildings or buses. This is the result of proper recognition of both the advertiser’s expectations and the needs of the targeted consumer, in line with Sir Terry Leahy’s principle: ” Follow the customer, if they change – we change“.

🌎 Communication and planning. Good communication skills are another thing to consider when choosing an advertising agency. A good advertising agency must be able to communicate with both the advertiser and his clients. By undertaking the implementation of the campaign, it becomes an intermediary between the client and potential consumers. On the basis of the information collected about the product, it selects a marketing concept and makes a reconnaissance of the target recipient in terms of the most effective approach and the use of the best solutions when choosing a medium. It tries to specify not only whether consumers like the selected concept, but whether it will evoke the desired emotions and make them act.

🌎Selection of media. A good tailor shop has a variety of sewing machines and materials available to complete the service. A good advertising agency offers specific advertising media and uses the latest technologies, knowledge, quantitative and qualitative research and intuition to ensure high effectiveness of the campaigns carried out. The appropriate advertising agency will select the best tactics to promote the services, including the type of media, location of the carrier, time of broadcasting the spot. It will determine which consumer will become the target audience of the campaign and will adjust the price of the advertisement to the advertiser’s capabilities. The BE Media Agency’s offer includes networks dedicated to various social, professional and age groups, e.g. the Medicover group (Pharma TV) is the most prestigious network of carriers in the healthcare environment, advertising in public transport reaches a million customers in all age groups, and advertising in office buildings – a typical business audience.

🌎Monitoring and evaluation. A good choice of an advertising agency is for the client the possibility of full monitoring of advertising activities carried out by the agency in the form of evaluation of the assumed goals and effectiveness measurement. Feedback analysis as an assessment of fulfilled goals is necessary when taking further marketing activities. While there are no specific requirements for the evaluation methodology, the evaluation should answer the following questions: was the campaign relevant, profitable and fully implemented, whether the media used turned out to be efficient and met the client’s expectations.

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The role of a good advertising agency is like the work of a tailor: you have to collect raw materials, find matching threads, cut the fabric in the right shape, finally sew the whole thing together and deliver it to the customer in the desired size. Customer satisfaction is valuable, but as business coach Jeffrey Gitomer said, in this case “Customer loyalty is priceless.”

It’s worth remembering, “Repetition makes reputation and reputation makes customers.” – Elizabeth Arden

We look forward to working with you.

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Joanna Pełech-Mikulska

Charismatic manager of the creative and client department of BE Media agency. A graduate of economics, political science and management. The author of numerous publications in the field of advertising, marketing and persuasion in communication. She has always been associated with marketing, and above all with creative outdoor advertising. She took her first professional steps in marketing departments in the United States, where she completed a 2-year graduate internship. After returning to Poland, she worked in the Polish branch of an American technology company, where she was responsible for the company's day-to-day contacts with Polish media and key business partners. The author of texts and a traveller with a passion for singing who adheres to the principle that there are no short-cuts to success.