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Advertising on LED screens in Łódź


We have several LED screens at our clients’ disposal in Łódź that serve advertising purposes. The perfect location of the screens on the main roads, busy intersections and congested streets makes the advertising message reaches a huge crowd of customers. An excellent variety of traditional outdoor are the multimedia LED carriers, with their help we can show an advertising spot. Led screens are located in the center of Łódź, near Manufaktura complex and at Piotrkowska Street; as well as on the main entry and exit routes from the city.

Advertising on the LED screens in Łódź

The advertising message goes to the inhabitants of Łódź through a dynamic and colourful spot, which increases the curiosity of potential customers. Łódź is a city located in central Poland. It is one of the largest cities in Poland in terms of both population and occupied space; the capital of the Łódź province. Once associated only with factories, today it belongs to major academic and cultural centres. An important centre of international communication is the Łódź Władysław Reymont Airport.

Advertise in Łódź!

Are you looking for an effective way to promote your brand in Łódź Bet on a modern outdoor promotion. Advertising on LED screens is an innovative and much more effective medium than static billboards or posters. Moving images – dynamic and colourful focus the attention of the recipients and are more often remembered by them. Advertising screens of this type are usually located in the city centre and on the exit roads – just like in Łódź. Such location and a form of promotion make the message reach a very wide group of potential customers of different ages, with different interests and different social status. Paid LED advertisement in the form of video presentation is a great solution for companies operating locally in Łódź, as well as for companies operating regionally, nationally and globally.

Plan an effective advertising campaign in Łódź

LED screens are an innovative and effective outdoor medium which is clearly visible against the background of urban infrastructure regardless of weather conditions. It allows to create a message of various length, the spot will also contain more information than a paper poster. Advertising on LED screens will perfectly complement the promotion of the brand and will be a support for activities on the Internet, in the press or on television. Take care of the prestige and recognition of your company, plan an advertising campaign in Łódź using LED big screens.