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Advertising on LED screens in Szczecin


Szczecin is famous for its port atmosphere although contrary to popular opinions, it is not located by the sea. In the capital of the West Pomeranian Province there is the third largest port in the country. There are also many taverns in the city where you can still meet and talk to ‘sea wolves’. Szczecin offers 4 large multimedia LED screens. The carriers are located at Plac Żołnierza Polskiego, at the Kaskada Gallery, at the Turzym Shopping Center, and at Daszyńskiego Street.

Advertising on LED screens in Szczecin

The location is perfectly matched in terms of the reach. That makes the places mentioned above are attractive for any industry that wants to be shown to its customers in a multimedia way. It is undoubtedly an attractive place for advertising for local as well as global clients.

Outdoor advertising on big LED screens

Do you wonder how to promote your products or services in Szczecin effectively? An excellent solution is advertising on LED screens! It is a mobile form of outdoor advertising which – more than static posters or billboards – goes to a very wide audience. LED screens are usually located in the most attractive points of the city. Everyone can see them – pedestrians, cyclists, passengers of public transport, drivers in the traffic jam. However, the video presentation allows for much more information, the spot is displayed really often and the movement – dynamic and colourful images – focus the attention of the recipients. The advertising screens are also visible from a huge distance, even during unfavourable weather conditions.

Plan an effective campaign in Szczecin

Choose a modern and effective way to promote your brand! Advertising on LED screens is an attractive form of communication which is an ideal idea of promotion for companies offering their services both on the Szczecin local, as well as regional, national and global markets. Projects in this form, displayed in the city, raise the prestige and brand recognition. Paid advertisement broadcast on large screens can also become an element of a wide advertising campaign, supporting promotional activities on the Internet, in the press or on television. Be effective! LED screens will attract customers’ attention and facilitate the acquisition of new clients in Szczecin.