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Advertising spots


How to get new customers? Bet on video marketing. Today’s society values time and convenience, fewer people reach for books and magazines, reading is becoming a rarer activity. Today’s consumer is looking for a simpler and faster way to obtain information, one of them is video which perfectly fits into the customer’s needs. Each video creation is created with the specificity of the promoted product in mind so that the campaign can achieve maximum efficiency. Depending on the client’s expectations and the type of advertising campaign, we offer three types of advertising spots: video multimedia presentation, video presentation expanded with content boards, film advertising spot/animation.


An advertising spot is an easy form of product/service presentation, it allows the recipient to familiarize with the company’s offer in a relatively short time, without requiring a lot of commitment. It is a modern form of promotion, recommended for companies from any industry. In today’s digital age it’s safe to say that video promotion is a key promotion tool today.

Easy way to obtain information for the consumer
Easily absorbed message
Building lasting relationships with the consumer through characters appearing in the spot
Engaging medium of communication
Video that easily arouses emotions at the recipient
Ability to transfer a large amount of content in a relatively short time..