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Advertising on LED screens in Tr├│jmiasto


Advertising on LED screens in Trójmiasto means 15 large-format multimedia outdoor advertising media. LED screens are an excellent alternative and supplement to traditional outdoor advertising. The LED screens in Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot are characterized by an excellent image quality and the location that causes that we cannot miss the advertisements. Seaside cities are characterized by high density of people, which favours a greater number and diversity of advertising recipients. The multimedia, high-quality image stops our attention and focuses on the advertising spot.

Advertising on LED screens in Tr├│jmiasto

Trójmiasto is a metropolitan center comprising three connected cities: Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot. Advertising on large screens in these cities is the certainty of a wide range of reach and effectiveness of marketing communication. As the research shows, Sopot can also boast the highest in Poland affluence per capita, while in Gdańsk there are important academic centres. Advertising in Trójmiasto on multimedia screens is the effectiveness of reaching and diversifying the traditional form of advertising.

Outdoor advertising on LED screens

Moving images are memorized much more often than static ones, that is why advertising on LED screens is one of the most effective forms of outdoor advertising. Similarly to billboards or posters, it reaches a wide audience. Every day LED screens are seen by people of different ages, with different social status and different interests – pedestrians, cyclists, passengers of public transport, drivers in traffic jams. That is why the message reaches all those who move around Tr├│jmiasto. It works especially effectively if the screen is located in the city centre or along roads with increased traffic. In contrast to the static forms of transmission, the video presentation which uses LED advertising screens is perfectly visible regardless of the atmospheric conditions – fog, rain or snow.

Advertise effectively in Tr├│jmiasto: use LED screens

Paid LED advertising is a great way to promote services or products for local companies operating in Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia, as well as for companies whose offer is addressed to customers from all over Poland. Such advertisement displayed on large screens in Tr├│jmiasto may become an element that increases the effectiveness of a wider advertising campaign and support activities in the press, the Internet or television. Plan your success! Reach for an effective and innovative medium, use LED screens for your promotional campaign and win new customers!