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Advertising on billboards

What is a billboard?

One of the commonly known and effective ways to present various types of products and services to a wide audience.This form of advertising is in the form of large-format posters and boards, but it can also be found in smaller versions, e.g. in the form of citylights, usually placed on bus shelters.Advertising billboards are not an idea of our times – the first outdoor advertising of this type appeared on the streets of New York in the 19th century and in a constantly improved version has remained with us to this day.

Advertising on billboards in various forms

It is a very liked and popular form of promotion in Poland and in the world.The large size of the media and the appropriate location make billboard advertisements noticeable from a long distance.What’s more, they allow you to reach a mass audience.Advertising billboards are placed in urban spaces with the highest traffic, as well as on national roads and highways.

A very effective form of outdoor promotion is also advertising on large-format meshes, which will be perfect when a large advertising space is needed to present the product. The overload of information – especially in large cities – will not obscure an interesting advertisement on large-format meshes, so it is worth investing in this type of message.

Advertising on bus shelters will also be effective in the urban space.The undoubted advantage of this type of promotion is the long contact with the advertisement – while waiting for the bus it is difficult to ignore illuminated citylights.In addition, the advertisement on the bus shelters is placed at the eye level of the recipient – close contact with the message makes the message easy to remember.

Our advertising agency is an excellent partner for billboard advertising campaigns throughout Poland. We have extensive experience and a wide network of billboards that will effectively reach your target audience. We have been operating in the outdoor advertising market for many years and can provide professional support from planning and design to monitoring results. If you are looking for an effective way to promote your brand or product, we invite you to cooperate with us.  Contact us, and we will assist you in promoting your brand on billboards nationwide.

Billboard advertising – who is it for?

Advertising on billboards, boards or large-format meshes will be perfect for small, medium and large companies.It will allow entrepreneurs who are just entering the market to gain recognition, while the experienced ones will strengthen their position among the competition and gain the interest of new customers.Citylight advertising will also be an ideal solution for business owners who plan to stand out in the industry.When the message requires more time and attention to read it, it is worth focusing on advertising in the recipient’s eyesight.The possibility of longer contact with the billboard advertisement – especially when it also contains text in addition to the image – increases the chance that the message will generate interest and even be remembered.That is why advertising agencies often advise their clients to decide to promote their services at bus shelters or in their vicinity.In these places many people spend a lot of time waiting for public transport. Boredom is conducive to suspending your eyesight on a visually attractive and inventive advertisement.

Outdoor billboard advertising – a proven way to expand your audience

Outdoor advertising is one of the most popular and effective forms of promotion. Outdoor billboards and digital advertising media are considered to be particularly effective, as they can reach a really large group of recipients, especially if they are placed in busy places.

Billboard advertising – what should we know?

Billboard advertising in Poland appeared in the 1990s. However, it quickly settled in the local landscape and are still present in large numbers both in large agglomerations and outside them. Billboard outdoor advertising (OOH) and digital boards advertising is very popular. Both the largest concerns and much smaller local companies use them for their advertising campaigns.

A billboard, initially known as a board, is a large advertising medium, most often in the form of a free-standing structure or a poster placed, for example, on the wall of a building. Billboard advertisements are printed on special paper that is resistant to weather conditions (rain, snow). In principle, these are advertisements with exposure from several weeks to several months.

In Poland, billboards are available in the following standards:

• Billboards – 12 m² in the format of 5.04 × 2.38 meters

• Billboards – 12 m² in the format of 4 × 3 meters;

• Billboards – 18 m² in the format of 6 × 3 meters;

• Billboards – 36 m² in the format of 12 × 3 meters;

• Billboards – 48 m² in the format of 12 × 4 meters.

In large cities, mega boards are also sometimes used, most often in non-standard formats, as well as areas over 50 m² and up to 300 m² (advertisements on buildings). In addition, sometimes smaller billboards with an area of 6 m² are also found (especially at metro and railway stations). This category sometimes also includes citylights – a type of illuminated advertisements, which usually appear in much smaller formats. It is also possible to use mobile boards usually placed on trailers. Their standard dimensions are the same as the so-called euro billboard.

Outdoor billboard advertising – the main benefits

The popularity of billboard outdoor advertising is primarily influenced by its advantages. It can be used both to complement a campaign conducted in other channels and be the only tool to promote a brand or product.

Advantages of billboard advertising

Both the global billboard advertising and billboard advertising in Poland is a media message that guarantees:

• huge, mass coverage, and thus the effectiveness of the message

• reaching all audiences – regardless of their interests or age. Each billboard generates thousands of advertising contacts a day

• billboards are a medium that is able to act globally and locally at the same time

• communication uniqueness. The campaign on billboards is a message located in the public space

• an image is 1000 words that cannot be turned off or ignored – this makes it more powerful and meaningful.

Digital billboards allow even more creative use of advertising space, which can be personalized or changed to other adverts. Customers may sometimes choose to share their display ad time with other companies, then the message may be displayed alternately every few minutes.

The use of a billboard

Billboard advertising can be relatively inexpensive depending on size and location, but costs should be related to the type of message you want to convey. Billboards are a type of surface that is often in the field of view for a short time, therefore the message should be quick to read, so it should not contain too much information.

This type of advertising can be a great option if your campaign is about awareness and branding, but should be avoided if you want to convey a lot of information about your product or service.

Billboard advertising in Poland, since its appearance three decades ago, continues to bring tangible benefits to companies. However, to be optimally effective, it must be well designed, taking into account 3 essential factors:

• location (in city centres or on frequently used roads, depending on the desired recipient and advertised product)

• content (a short but meaningful message, where the customer has no doubts about what the offer is about. Six words is the perfect amount of information on a billboard – it is a short, direct and easy to read/remember way to communicate with potential consumers)

• graphic design (with an image that will immediately catch the eye of the recipient, and therefore with surprising (and even shocking), but aesthetic graphics.

Billboards are an essential part of outdoor advertising, and at the same time a very important point in the media plan of each brand. Our offer includes over 20,000 advertising media in large cities, medium and small towns throughout the country.

We cordially invite you to cooperate with BE Media!

Billboard ads tailored to your audience

Which product or service requires promotion depends on where and in what form an advertising billboard should be placed to be noticed and positively received.City centre or roadsides of frequently used roads? To mount an advertisement on a large-format board or on a building wall?So big that you have to raise your head to see it or such a one that is at eye level?The choice of forms and locations for billboard advertising is undoubtedly diverse, and each of the solutions can be effective, as long as it is adapted to the group of potential customers.Thanks to many years of experience, BE Media knows what a billboard advertisement should look like in order to remain in mind and achieve goals.

Outdoor advertising – what else should you know about it?

The advertisements at stops can be mounted on the rear or side, internal or external surface of the stop pavilion.In this way, they are visible both to people waiting for a tram or bus, as well as to those who pass the stop by car.BE Media offers advertising materials on large posters, enclosed in a glass display case.The large format is clearly visible and legible even without backlight. Advertising billboards are protected with special glass against weather conditions and vandals.

A cheaper way to promote the brand is to use the promotion in the form of stickers, which are placed on the bus shelter.Smaller advertising saves money on the advertising campaign and at the same time successfully attracts potential customers.

Billboard advertising, posted at bus stops, has gained the trust of many advertisers and is good at promoting products and services.It helps to attract new customers, creates a positive image of the company, informs potential buyers about the new assortment.