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✈️Airport Advertising


Airports are places where outdoor advertising is one of the most effective and reliable advertising media. In such an environment, the benefits of advertising are guaranteed. This is due not only to the huge (international) reach, but also to the countless number of recipients. At airports, people are excited and positive, and the advertising messages displayed become part of their journey. All over the world, advertising in airports ranks at the top of every measure: in terms of reach, number of recipients, openness to the presented advertising messages.

The offer of airport media of the BE Media advertising agency includes such media as multimedia screens, billboards, frames on luggage belts, floor advertising, promotional campaigns (display), wrapping luggage trolleys, advertising in the airport press.



✈️ BE Media – fly with an advert.

Also in Poland, in the last two decades, advertising in airports has significantly gained in popularity (audience measurement), especially since the aviation industry has developed and diversified very intensively. For several dozen years, there was only one international airport in Poland – in Warsaw. In other major Polish cities, air traffic was very expensive, rather small and only domestic – connection with the capital (Poles a few decades ago could not travel abroad freely). After 1989 the situation began to change, while after 2000 air travel began to accelerate dramatically. New connections and routes have emerged. Currently, there are 15 airports in Poland: the main one in Warsaw and 14 regional ones (including Gdańsk, Kraków, Katowice, Łódź, Poznań, Szczecin, Wrocław, etc.). In 2021, almost 20 million passengers were handled at Polish airports, according to an announcement from the Civil Aviation Authority (Urząd Lotnictwa Cywilnego)1. Along with the increase in air travelers, advertising in airports has also intensified, especially since the number of 20 million translates not only to passengers, but also to potential recipients of the advertisement presented there.


Do you know that 64% of Poles travel by plane? With the increasing number of air routes (including domestic ones), the aircraft is becoming an increasingly popular mode of transport. Having given such optimistic statistics, it can be safely said that airports are a very efficient advertising space for many different types of advertising – from billboard banners to digital advertising and press advertising in airport magazines. Each airport has many different advertising options. Examples of advertising media at airports: multimedia screens, luggage tape billboards, floor advertising, promotional campaigns (exposition), luggage trolleys, airport press.



Advertising at airports is a great place to advertise your company both at the national and international levels. The structure of the promotion channel allows reaching a specific recipient, that is people whose interests are focused around travel and tourism. Nevertheless, there are people of different ages, social status and different professions in the departure hall, hence the message may be just as diverse.

Almost 20 million passengers travelling with Polish airlines in 2021 = almost 20 million recipients of advertising in airport

Why airport advertising is so effective?

✈️Open, willing and excited audience of advertising in airports

Most of the people travelling are cheerful, excited and positive, which makes them more receptive and open to advertising messages. Distracted from everyday activities, they are more likely to pay attention to various messages, receive them more enthusiastically and process them more consciously. Hence, brands presented at the airport have an increased chance of reaching a huge number of people.

✈️Captive (guaranteed) audience of advertising in airports

People at the airport spend some time waiting. “Closed” in a certain environment, they have nowhere to go. They focus on the surroundings and… see eye-catching advertisements that they perceive as entertainment (especially digital advertising in airports). During long dwell times, passengers have time to watch the advertisement, and advertisers have the opportunity to communicate with them, i.e. to establish contact with the guaranteed recipients and tell them their story.

✈️Affluent, shopping-friendly audience of advertising in airports

Passengers at airports constitute an extremely attractive target group. Usually these are the wealthier members of society who are willing to spend money. Shopping is often “built into” part of their journey. Therefore, luxury brands and brands related to music or entertainment do well in this environment. What’s more, companies that advertise at airports are perceived by recipients as prestigious, associated with the highest quality of the product. In addition, the airport brings together many business class people, departing or returning from business trips, who are focused on receiving advertising messages that reflect current ideas and events.

✈️Unlimited array of advertising options

Advertising in airports can take many different forms of outdoor advertising: billboards, citylights, digital advertising on the terminal wall that flashes a picture, OOH furniture, or digital/static advertising on an airport shuttle bus. Thanks to such media solutions, brands can create non-standard projects – eye-catching and memorable – that will be a response to the expectations and needs of (sophisticated) customers. At airports it is possible to present the whole spectrum of advertising possibilities, for advertising purposes you can even put… a car. All these media with a guarantee of success reach travellers – recipients of the advertising message.

As air travel has become more accessible and common, and the world is more globalized, the number of passengers is also increasing. Hence the conclusion that advertising in airports has also increased in importance and is becoming an indispensable item while planning advertising budgets in the company.

✈️A clearly defined recipient
✈️High prestige
✈️International recipient
✈️A wide range of media
✈️High coverage of the campaign
✈️Increased product/brand recognition
flights is international traffic
recipients have secondary and higher education
recipients are people with household incomes above 4,000. PLN
recipients are people aged 25-55