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Advertising in Wrocław in Poland

Advertising in Wrocław in Poland

💎Advertising is the best friend of every company. Due to the fact that it is the most direct and the most important connection with the consumer, it also becomes one of the most important aspects of the business.Customers are more likely to buy products from brands they know. And the best promotion of a company is its advertising, especially outdoor advertising, which attracts people’s attention and makes customers remember your brand.

💎Recognizable and visible brand advertising is particularly important in large agglomerations, such as Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw. One of the main reasons is that advertising in a big city has a constantly huge and even growing audience.City dwellers are spending more and more time away from home. They go out more often because of hobbies and interests, sports, shopping, parties and meeting friends.Therefore, they more often have contact with the urban environment, in which advertisements have been naturally incorporated. What’s more, advertising that has become part of the urban landscape cannot be overlooked. This is due to its very good visibility, attractiveness and strategic location.Residents of a large city more often move from place to place by public transport, by car, bicycle or on foot. The need for increased mobility has become a trend in recent years.Advertising that people come across every day on their way to work, for meetings, shopping or as tourists allows advertisers to connect with millions of potential customers.

💎Advertising in a large city, including the city center, on access roads to the city, at stations, stops, airports, shopping malls or office buildings, provides each product/service, as well as the brand itself, with 24/7 visibility, brand recognition and encourages purchasing activities. Therefore, due to the ideal location, advertising in a big city is a guaranteed benefit for every company, and thus takes it to a higher level of activity.

💎Wrocław is one of the most recognizable and most visited cities in Poland. It is a city where it is easy to reach the target customer, especially if you use the services of proven and reliable advertising agencies, such as BE Media.Appropriate advertising tools at BE Media’s disposal guarantee the creation of an effective and consistent advertising strategy for the products/services offered by your company, and at the same time the certainty of saving money and time/effort.Cooperation with the BE Media agency means reaching the desired target group through the entire spectrum of advertising possibilities, including advertising on billboards, buses, trams, stops, train stations, trains, airports, large-format nets, shopping malls, and even in dedicated places, such as universities or clinics.

Why is advertising in Wrocław particularly profitable?

💎There are plenty of arguments for investing in advertising in Wrocław (which translates into investing in the company itself) and the first and most important is the very name of the city – Wrocław.

Advertising in Wrocław is a guaranteed ROI due to the number of inhabitants. It is the third largest city in Poland in terms of population (officially about 700,000 inhabitants) and the fifth largest in terms of area.What’s more, Wrocław as a tolerant, open and modern city is very often visited by domestic and foreign tourists, and the number of the latter is growing year by year (in 2018, the number of foreign tourists was almost 390,000, while in 2019 it was over 450,000, according to statistical data published by the Central Statistical Office for 2019).Therefore, the scale of reaching the customer is huge, and at the same time facilitated, because people are more willing to spend money when traveling than on a daily basis (both on souvenirs and everyday items).

💎Advertising in Wrocław means increased certainty of reaching business customers, especially since in 2021 it took first place (right next to Warsaw) among the most attractive cities for business in the country, according to the Business Environment Assessment Study conducted by Antal, Cushman & Wakefield and Vastint.The high quality and modern design of advertising media surrounded by interesting architecture perfectly reflect the prestige of the brand, and the business environment allows you to reach an attractive target group.Moreover, Wrocław is a city of education and science. It is the third largest university center in Poland, which makes it possible to advertise in dedicated places, such as universities, where students are eager to get acquainted with current information from employers and products/services of any other industry sector.

💎Wrocław is an extensive and attractive urban public transport. 23 permanent tram lines, over 70 bus lines and a cableway across the Odra river, put into operation in 2013, carry hundreds of thousands of passengers daily.The ease of reaching such a large audience is also huge: when residents/tourists use public transport or are stuck in traffic jams, they willingly focus their eyes on advertising presented on billboards, digital signage media in public transport vehicles, at stops.Such advertising “shortens” their waiting time, and gives advertisers the certainty that the customer will come into contact with their advertising message.What’s more, Wrocław is a city perfectly connected with the whole world thanks to the airport and railway. Both passengers at the airport while waiting for departure by plane, as well as people at railway or bus stations commuting to work/school from smaller towns, come across a displayed advertising message that adds color to the environment and allows them to occupy the time associated with waiting for the arrival of a given means of transport.

💎Advertising in Wroclaw, especially due to the location and opportunities offered, is profitable for every company:

– increases traffic in the company, attracts new customers and ensures business continuity
– provides the company with a positive image and helps to become competitive on the market
– generates brand loyalty, makes the company important to consumers
– allows the company to make money.

Advertising in Wrocław is a real must-have for a company that wants to develop its business in an effective way and intensify its professional network in an area with more companies from your industry.Cooperation with a competent advertising office, such as BE Media (which can individualize the advertising message depending on the brand’s requirements), will allow each company to intensify its advertising message and guarantee reaching the desired audience.

💎BE Media is a trustworthy partner that cooperates with clients from all over the world. We provide comprehensive service and implementation of Out-of-home advertising. Thanks to many years of experience, we know where to find your potential customers, and thanks to a diverse advertising portfolio, we know what means to use to tailor the advertisement especially for you and draw the attention of customers to the advertising message.