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Citylight advertising

Citylight advertising is a great way to reach new customers, including those who are not yet aware that they need your product or service.Let them get to know you in the best way in the city, strengthen your outdoor campaigns!Bet on Citylight – the advertisement will not only be modern and aesthetically presented, but also will fit perfectly into the urban landscape, reaching many recipients 24 hours a day.With our help, you will find out how easy it can be to create your brand image using the space that surrounds you.

Citylight – what is it?

Modern Citylight ads are a completely different approach to promoting your own brand.Illuminated media presenting the offer, product or service are usually placed in places frequently visited by potential customers, such as communication junctions, public transport stops, stations, promenades, squares, etc.They fit perfectly into the urban space, often becoming not only its diversification, but also decoration.It is also worth knowing that Citylight advertising has a high level of social acceptance, which is of particular importance nowadays.Interestingly presented advertising materials will certainly attract the attention of recipients, and the specificity of the location of Citylight media means that every interested person can easily get to know your offer thanks to them!

Citylight dimensions

Citylight media, on which any advertisement can be presented, are relatively small.Most often they are 1.2 × 1.8 m.Contrary to what you might think, their size is undoubtedly an advantage.It is thanks to it that the carriers easily fit into the urban landscape, allowing you to reach a large group of customers.At the same time, such dimensions of the Citylight allow for free display of any advertisement.

Citylight surface types

The proximity of the audience is what distinguishes modern Citylight advertisements.As already mentioned, they can be found wherever potential customers gather.People interested in this type of advertising have a really good choice when it comes to the types of Citylight surfaces.You can choose, among others, advertising space at public transport stops, free-standing, on pillars.You can also decide on a classic poster or digital advertisement.Regardless of your needs, with our help you will surely achieve your goal!We know this type of advertising like no other and we are always happy to provide our expertise and experience.What’s more, the price we offer for Citylight ads will surely appeal to you!
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Advertising at bus stops – reach your customers at any time

Bus and tram stops are one of the most frequently visited places.Thousands of people move through them every day. Your potential customers may also be among them!Citylight advertising placed at the bus stop provides an opportunity to reach them effectively.Take into account that many people get bored waiting for their bus or tram to arrive, especially during the early morning or late evening hours when public transport runs less frequently.Take this opportunity and make them familiar with your offer, specific product or service. We will be happy to help you with this!

Advertising at stops – why is it worth it?

Perhaps you are wondering why and whether it is worth investing in Citylight surfaces in bus shelters at all.If the argument about the possibility of reaching thousands of potential customers is not enough for you, we have a few more reasons that will definitely make you consider this advertising option.Modern advertisements at bus stops are very popular, among other things, due to the fact that they attract attention effectively.As already mentioned, many people get bored waiting for their bus or tram to arrive. An advertisement placed in the bus shelter allows them to keep busy.They will certainly not only pay attention to it, but also learn about its message. And from here there is only one step to make these people your clients!The aesthetic illumination of the prepared advertisement makes it visible 24/7. What’s more, advertising at stops is the possibility of implementing even the most unusual ideas and unique campaigns.It can also be effectively combined with other media, creating a unique strategy, ideally suited to your individual needs.

Who is advertising at public transport stops for?

Many of our clients initially wondered if advertising at stops was really an option for them.They quickly realized that there could be only one answer to this question: YES!Our experience clearly shows that advertising at stops is an excellent choice for everyone.A great location, allowing you to reach the target group 24 hours a day and arousing the interest of those who are bored with waiting for transport, are an ideal combination.Each person can come closer to your ad and study it in detail.Additionally, the advertisements placed in the bus shelters look very aesthetically pleasing, perfectly fitting into the urban landscape and becoming a recognizable part of it.In this way, you can build the image of your brand as the one that accompanies your customers every day.

Modern advertising at stops within your reach

Advertising at bus stops is our staff of life.You will find our Citylights in many Polish cities! Thanks to our help, many clients have managed to create effective campaigns reaching millions of recipients.We encourage you to join this group and trust our knowledge and experience.Professional customer service, openness to any ideas, willingness to meet all expectations, as well as a very attractive price list are just some of our advantages.See for yourself that modern advertising at bus and tram stops is within your reach.Contact us and we will be happy to prepare an offer tailored to the individual needs of your brand! We strongly encourage you to take advantage of our offer.Find out why you should use   advertising at bus stops!