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Advertising on parcel lockers


How to get an e-commerce client? Bet on parcel lockers – an innovative promotion tool combining online and offline. Go beyond the scheme! The Internet user does not only move on the network. Even while doing the shopping online (more than 20 million Polish Internet users are buying on the Internet), the shopping must be picked up somehow. One of the solutions are parcel lockers which are used by about 65,000 people a day. Parcel lockers are not only a device for 24-hour reception and sending parcels, they are also an excellent advertising medium that guarantees access to a wide group of potential customers. We offer, among others, wrapping parcel lockers, advertising on the screens of parcel lockers, sampling.

OOH advertisement on parcel lockers

The greatest visibility is distinguished by large-area advertisements located on parcel lockers. This is not only due to the large format, but above all to the lighting system which makes advertising on parcel lockers well visible around the clock. The noticeability of advertisements is additionally emphasized by the arrangement of the devices, i.e. bus and railway stations, supermarkets, etc. A greater range of the campaign can be obtained by extending the promotions with multimedia screens, the use of which is necessary to collect the parcel. We can therefore be sure that the advertisement on the screens of parcel lockers will be watched by each person who receives the parcel – thanks to this device it is not possible to omit the advertisement.

Advertising on parcel lockers - why is it worth it?
the possibility of geotargeting and targeting
adverts to a specific recipient
mass coverage of the campaign
an innovative form of promotion
that allows reaching the e-consumer
a wide range of advertising media
the ability to combine media
Advertising veneer
Advertisement on the screens of parcel machines
Large-area ads


Advertising on parcel lockers is an interesting form of promotion for companies whose target group are e-commerce clients – over half of Internet users already use parcel lockers services. However, this is not the only group of potential recipients. Advertising veneers attract the attention from afar, thanks to which advertising is visible to all persons staying within the parcel lockers.

Advertising on parcel lockers – a new generation of advertising

Parcel lockers are not only devices for collecting and sending parcels around the clock, but also a perfect advertising medium that guarantees reaching a huge group of potential customers. Parcel lockers advertising is noticed by people who make purchases over the Internet and have to pick them up somehow. Usually, they choose parcel lockers because they can take a parcel at a convenient time.

In recent times, parcel lockers have become a very popular form of parcel delivery. Their use has intensified mainly with the outbreak of the pandemic and has remained a very frequently chosen method of sending parcels to this day. When the restrictions related to Covid-19 were introduced, online purchases were gathering pace every month. Consumers did not leave their homes unnecessarily, so they ordered products via the Internet. Additionally, they avoided personal contact with other people, strangers (including the courier), which is why they decided to pick up orders through parcel lockers, which are usually located near/not far from their homes. In addition, parcel lockers are the most economical and profitable form of a delivery service, much cheaper than traditional courier services. What’s more, orders placed in online stores reach parcel lockers quickly, usually on the next day, which is an ideal solution for impatient customers. Therefore, parcel lockers as a safe, cheap and fast option are very popular among customers and are still gaining more and more of them. Such a huge number of recipients is a wide field for advertisers in the context of advertising on parcel lockers.

Parcel lockers advertising in Poland allows you to reach a wide audience. It is a guarantee of a large range and effective communication. Advertisements on them “work” like parcel lockers, that is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They have a massive coverage throughout the country, as they are not only available at one parcel locker, but at many of them. There are already 18,000 parcel lockers in Poland, and every day about 150,000 people collect their parcels from them.

Parcel lockers advertising can be displayed on screens in video, static or interactive formats. Additionally, the parcel locker can be wrapped partially or completely. Advertising on parcel lockers is a way to reach several million recipients a month. The emission time on one screen is 7 seconds. This way, a potential customer who collects his parcel gets familiar with the advertised product or service.

The lighting of parcel lockers also has a great influence, as it ensures proper exposure of the advertisement at night and during the day. Parcel lockers are located in very good places where a large number of people pass by every day. Parcel lockers are located primarily in shopping centres, supermarkets, railway stations, gas stations, parking lots, as well as next to shops, universities and office buildings.

Effective parcel lockers advertising in Poland

With BE Media’s offer, we prove that it is worth moving with the times. InPost advertising effectively increases the reach and awareness of the brand’s existence among people who periodically or occasionally collect parcels from currently popular lockers and will certainly remember its name, motto or keynote for longer. Currently, advertising on parcel lockers is experiencing a real boom, and the main reason is the steadily increasing popularity of this service among consumers and business customers, as well as the displacement of standard parcels and courier services from the market. At BE Media, we know it perfectly well. Advertising on parcel lockers in Poland does not cause negative feelings on the part of the person receiving the parcel. Currently, it is one of the most effective advertising on the modern market and it is worth considering its use also in the case of your own company.

Use the modern way of advertising!

At BE Media, we do not accept half-measures and compromises, which is why from the very beginning of our existence we focus only on reliable and proven solutions, which now also include advertising on parcel lockers. We implement both simple and easy orders as well as much more complex ones, based on perfectly developed marketing concepts by our specialists operating in the marketing industry for many years. We ensure full satisfaction with the results achieved and a friendly atmosphere at every stage of cooperation as well as individual arrangements. The InPost advertising offer is directed to the largest companies that have been present on the domestic or foreign market for many years, as well as to startups with limited investment funds. Call us or write to us, we will precisely explain all the intricacies related to advertising on a parcel locker, as well as answer technical questions, including the choice of media carriers.