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Advertising on lcd screens in Warsaw

Advertising on lcd screens in Warsaw Spire

Advertising on the screens of Warsaw Spire is an innovative advertising media network with the ability to reach premium audience groups (professionally active people with higher education). The offer includes three buildings (180-meter skyscraper and two side buildings with a height of 55 m), the complex has a total of 68 LCD screens, which are located in the most frequented places, i.e. lobbies, receptions, elevators. The visibility of the screens is emphasized by modern design, which perfectly integrates with the architecture of the place. Daily traffic in Warsaw Spire is from several to over ten thousand people – Warsaw Spire is the largest office complex in Poland, provides 100,000 sq m of A class office space, certified in BREEAM at the Excellent level and offers a working space for 8,000 people.