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Advertising on trams

Advertising on trams

Advertising on trams stands out in terms of high visibility and effectiveness of the message. The carriers are two-sided so the message becomes visible, regardless of whether we place the front or rear facing. During a long journey the recipient involuntarily focuses on the advertisement. His attention will probably be drawn by the dynamic, colourful and vivid picture which causes the


LCD screens, frames, full tram wrapping, tram boards wrapping, seats/handles wrapping

Why advertising in tramways?
Reaching the mass recipient
High efficiency with
low cost of exploitation
Advertising using an
eye-catching, dynamic
and vibrant medium

The ability to customize the
campaign in terms of territoriality
High visibility of media
203  trams
203 trams
2120  screens
2120 screens
238 frames
The cities where
we place adverts