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Advertising on trams

Advertising on trams

Advertising on trams stands out in terms of high visibility and effectiveness of the message. The carriers are two-sided so the message becomes visible, regardless of whether we place the front or rear facing. During a long journey the recipient involuntarily focuses on the advertisement. His attention will probably be drawn by the dynamic, colourful and vivid picture which causes the


LCD screens, frames, full tram wrapping, tram boards wrapping, seats/handles wrapping

Why advertising in tramways?
Reaching the mass recipient
High efficiency with
low cost of exploitation
Advertising using an
eye-catching, dynamic
and vibrant medium

The ability to customize the
campaign in terms of territoriality
High visibility of media
203 trams
2120 screens
The cities where
we place adverts

Tram Advertising in Poland

Tram advertising in Poland is known to be one of the most effective ways to advertise. Whether it’s by accident or not, you can’t help but see one of these bright, eye-catching ads while travelling around the beautiful country. Trams are being used by more and more businesses that want to advertise their products and services. Tram advertising is more effective than you might think.

The reasons why it works

– Trams are a very common form of transportation in Poland, with over 300 million passengers using them every year. This means that your ad will be seen by a lot of people.

– Trams are slow, so people have time to read your ad.

– Trams make lots of stops, so people have time to get off and check out your product or service.

– Trams are often used by commuters who are going to and from work, so they’re already in a buying mindset.

– Trams run all day long, so your ad will be seen by both early risers and night owls.

– Trams travel at a slow speed, which gives passengers plenty of time to read your ad. Plus, the constant movement of the tram can help capture attention and hold it for longer than a static billboard or bus stop ad.

– Trams offer a unique form of advertising that can help your brand stand out from the competition. Your ads won’t be competing with other ads on TV, radio, or print media like newspapers and magazines. Instead, they’ll get all the attention on their own as they go about their daily route.

– The low cost is also a major benefit to advertisers because you don’t need much budget to advertise on trams compared to more traditional forms of advertising such as TV ads (which usually require around $5-6 thousand).

– Lastly, you’re guaranteed an audience because trams run every single day so there is no risk of bad weather ruining your ad campaign.

Use tram advertising effectively

If you’re looking for an effective way to reach consumers in Poland, tram advertising is a great option. Make sure your design stands out. Trams come with brightly lit displays that can make your design difficult to see if it blends in too much with the background colour or has a dark colour scheme. Keep your message simple and bold so that people notice it quickly.

Use both words and images to tell a story about what you do. Be clear and concise with your messaging. The show, don’t just tell. Provide a call-to-action at the end of your ad as well to guide people on how they should act after viewing it.