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Advertising on BoschTV

Advertising on BoschTV

BoschTV is a nationwide advertising network in authorized Bosch car service centers. The channel’s advertising structure allows for precise targeting of a defined audience group – mainly men who spend their time in the waiting room during repairs.

BoschTV is an innovative solution for industries such as automotive, motor insurance, industry, construction, new technologies, sports, fashion, and many others. Advertising media are located in waiting rooms, allowing your company to effectively reach profiled customers. An interesting program aimed at technology enthusiasts, motoring and sports fans, Bosch salon customers is an excellent time filler. Bosch services are available to both companies with fleet cars and individual customers.

The offer includes up to 250 locations, reaching over 230,000 unique viewers per month. Our agency offers three packages: Premium, Medium, and Basic.

In our agency, we offer personalized media packages focusing on individual needs of our customers.

Working with us guarantees effective and precise targeting of the target group, as well as high-quality services and savings. We are convinced that our offer will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers who value professionalism and quality.


WHAT DO WE OFFER? We are pleased to offer you an extremely attractive offer of advertising campaigns broadcasted on the highest quality media located in renowned Bosch car service centers, distributed in up to 250 locations. Our screen network extends throughout Poland, allowing for easy adaptation of the campaign’s range to individual customer needs and expectations.

250 locations
250 screens
 whole country
whole country
reaching a precisely selected group of recipients
possibility of implementing campaigns throughout the country
advertising with the use of eye-catching, dynamic and vivid medium
medium perfectly suited to the recipient
total reimbursement - the investment returns with a profit
greater product/brand recognition.


We offer the emission of advertising campaigns on high quality media in renowned car services. We have screens throughout Poland, thus we give the possibility to adjust the campaign’s reach easily. Depending on the needs and expectations of the client we will adjust the broadcasting time and frequency of the spot and if it is not available, we will design a new advertising creation. BE Media Advertising Agency has the exclusive right to sell advertising time.