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Banner advertising - make your business visible

Banner advertising as a form of outdoor advertising has been used for years to promote various brands as well as their services and products. Thanks to its high visibility, it reaches a very wide audience. Banner advertising attracts the attention of almost every passing person. It is also beneficial to use banner advertising for navigation purposes. This function is often used by, for example, owners of hotels, inns and agritourism farms, who hang a banner on the road leading to the facility. Not without reason, such an advertisement is one of the most popular types of outdoor advertising.

The main goal of banner advertising is to get the customer’s attention and direct it to the promoted product. The result of such activities, which is a key factor in the marketing industry, is a guarantee of a long-term association of a given service or product by the consumer and recalling this product in the customer’s mind while making purchases.

Already a dozen or so years ago, scientists unanimously confirmed the six basic principles on which the conducted advertising campaign is based, which M. I. Shahid stated in the 'Mass Communication' (1999):
gaining the consumer's attention
generating interest in the offered product
developing and maintaining interest
creating a desire to purchase a product
call to action
maintaining the company’s good name

The common denominator of the above principles is brand building and strengthening the company’s image through banner advertising. Repeated image views and the possibility of presenting memorable information make the images seen become a natural tool for creating the company’s image on the market: they force the audience to think, leave an indelible impression and force customers to remember the company’s name. Outdoor advertising increases brand recognition among consumers, creates an aura of trust and credibility, builds the company’s financial value and generates new customers.

Banner advertising in Poland is a very popular and well-liked form of promotion, especially as it attracts the attention of people who have not felt or have not experienced the need to buy the product yet, and such advertising encourages them to act.

Banner advertising offered by our agency is carefully selected, designed and properly used depending on the needs and requirements of the client.

People notice and react to banner advertising in Poland, especially as research has shown that seven out of ten people said they saw outdoor advertising (posters, large format grids, advertising monitors, billboards, banner advertising, screens, etc.) in the last month.

Among the consumers who saw the advertisement:

• are more likely to get information about the brand

• 70% say that outdoor advertising influences the purchase of a product or service

• 58% search the Internet as a direct result of an advertisement they have watched

• 55% use a mobile phone or social network to share information seen on outdoor advertising

• 35% buy goods after seeing an advertisement

• 85% believe outdoor advertising is useful

• 83% believe that advertising has an informative dimension

• 82% say advertising helps create the labour market and stimulate the economy.

As much as 90% of the information processed in the brain is related to the sense of sight so while planning marketing activities we cannot forget about banner advertising, which will perfectly build the reach and awareness of a given product or service.

See our banner advertising in Poland offer. Our many years of experience and a wide range of advertising media guarantee that we will provide your company with the best and most optimal offer. The rich professional experience of the BE Media team members, their holistic approach and professionalism result from many years of work for large, international companies and local enterprises. Over the years, we have actively participated in many projects for clients from all over the world. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of outdoor advertising, which allows us to develop continuously.