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Advertising in public transport

As a business owner or manager, you already know that you’re advertising, and marketing techniques are peremptory to the growth and development of your business organization. There are several methods and channels of advertising which can be implemented within a wide range of business plans, although some techniques may work better than others depending on the nature and scope of the business and the audience as well.

Also, depending on the product being advertised and the possible class of people you are looking to focus advertising efforts on, public transport advertising may be the most effective marketing method for your business to invest in.

What exactly is Public Transport Advertising?

Public transport advertising is a method of advertisement where information about a product or service is placed on vehicular modes of public transportation or in public transportation places such as bus stops, parks, and train stations.

By the application of these advertising methods, promotional ads for products can be placed anywhere from on the bodies of luxurious traveling buses, trains, and taxis, to inside of subway cars, buildings in and around a bus station and structures close to train or bus platforms. The major benefit to be derived from public transport advertising is that your ads can reach a whole lot of public transport riders and acquaint them with your brand and products.

What are the Merits of Public Transport Advertising

Public transport advertising is significantly advantageous since it provides increased visibility for your products consistently if your ads are still up. Furthermore, your target audience will almost be unable to ignore your ads as they would on personal platforms, like for example, they could easily fast-forward a video-based commercial or audio advertisement on YouTube and other online platforms, flip past a magazine ad or also delete a broadcast email.

On many occasions, it may be quite difficult for a person to ignore an ad when they are sitting across a train or bus displaying it, this is simply because it’s in their direct line of view. More interestingly, transit advertising guarantees your small business a relatively broad audience range by age and income level. Your target audience must be there somewhere!

About the audience

When considering advertisement channels based on public transport, it is detrimental to do that without assessing the demographic you hope to reach out to in comparison with those you will be reaching. For instance, the commuters using public transportation stretches beyond those who do not own cars of their own. A good number of car owners leave their cars at home or park them at train or bus stations to use public transportation every day while commuting to their various destinations.

It is then very important to study the demographics of riders who are going to be exposed to your public transport ads to ensure that they would be beneficial to your advertising plan. For instance, you may want to target a particular range of daily commuters, certain train or bus lines have more commuters that will appreciate your products than other travel lines. Also, depending on the product you want to advertise, your ads may be targeted at families, tourists, professionals, or students. Do well to study the demographics of your audience and which transport line will expose you to them more.

Advertisement Media in Poland

Public transport advertising is quickly advancing beyond the traditional print-on-bus advertisement. Recent tech has allowed advertisers to explore various creative media  in transit advertising. These media include digital advertising on plasma or LCD screens, etc.

In Warsaw or any other part of Poland BE Media offers a wide range of creative public transport advertisement opportunities with high conversion rates, our demography-based repetitive ads rates are offered at affordable rates.

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2/3of travellers pay attention to screens

For whom?

Advertising in public transport is a great solution for small companies as well as larger enterprises. The structure of the channel is universal which allows the promotion of products and services from various sectors. Its cost is not large and the effectiveness can be huge. All you have to do is to tell us what type of public transport your clients are moving and we will display your advert there.

What we offer? Advertising in public transport is a great solution both for large enterprises and small local businesses. Its cost is small and the effectiveness can be huge. All you have to do is to tell us what type of public transport your clients are moving and we will display your advertising there.

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