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Large Format and Murals

Large-format advertising and advertising murals

Large Format advertising is one of the most inventive types of outdoor advertising. Among the numerous advantages, the 5 most important should be mentioned. First of all, thanks to the large display area, it ensures brand recognition. Secondly, due to its attractive location, it reaches a wide audience. Third, it offers advertisers an amazingly wide variety of designs and alternatives. Fourth, it stands the test of time. Fifthly, it is an excellent promotion of online and offline interaction between the brand and customers.

OOH large-format advertising is an extremely popular outdoor advertising medium due to its grandeur. It can be seen not only along highways or crowded streets of large agglomerations, but also in smaller towns. It is usually displayed on building walls or scaffolding during building renovation. The advertising message is printed on the material using the large-format printing technique. The biggest advantage of large format advertising is its very good visibility. Thanks to its huge size (from 100 m2 to even 3000 m2 of space), it is recognizable from a distance, which significantly extends the time the advertisement is perceived by the recipient. It is impossible not to notice it and it is impossible to pass by it indifferently.

Large-format advertising and advertising murals are directed to a wide audience, which results from its overriding feature, which is location. Moreover, such an advertisement is seen from a very long distance. Usually, it is placed at a busy road, highway or in city centres, i.e. in extremely crowded places, visited by numerous potential consumers. Large-format advertising to some extent fits into a part of the surrounding landscape, so the inhabitants of a given area, tourists and visitors can see it extremely often. In this way, the advertising message is preserved in the memory of customers, which increases brand awareness and translates into subconscious purchasing decisions of recipients.



What we provide as an agency:

💎 we provide a large selection of advertising space all over Poland,
💎 we guarantee selected and thoroughly verified locations, thanks to which the advertising message will stand out in space and will not be “lost” in the multitude of other information,
💎 we will plan the media mix – we will combine the advertisement with other media to increase the effectiveness and consistency of the advertising message,
💎 we will advise on the creation of an advertising message, and even create it according to your preferences and expectations,
💎 we will provide reports and photos from the campaign.

BE Media – quality is our priority!

Large-format advertising and advertising murals will primarily focus on generating brand recognition. They cause the name of the company/brand is watched and remembered by a very large number of recipients. It performs its function best when placed in the right place, proven to reach the consumer.

💎 Why are murals and large format advertisements profitable?

Large-format advertising and advertising murals provide the company with a very profitable exposure, which is another advantage. The costs of such advertising are relatively low compared to a TV spot, radio advertising or an influencer marketing campaign. With regard to the effects it guarantees and the number of recipients it reaches, large format advertising does not generate high costs.

Large format advertising is an investment worth its costs!

Large format advertising stands the test of time. These types of media are rather long-term installations, so there is no need to replace them often. Once designed, it can be exposed for
a long time, especially since the high quality of the waterproof materials prevents fading when exposed to sunlight.

💎 What solutions can large format advertising offer

Large format advertising offers a wide range of diverse, innovative and creative solutions, including signs, banners, floor graphics, magnets, stickers. A positive impression on the consumer is enhanced by the choice of advertising material (poster boards, vinyl, fabrics).

💎 Which media works best with large format advertising?

The added value of large-format advertising is the possibility of promoting online and offline interactions between the brand and the consumer. An extremely effective option is to add brand profiles in social media to banners and billboards. What’s more, interactive installations are an additional impulse for the customer to visit the company’s website or tag the company’s profile on social media. Description, comments or public share of brand activities to other users is to maintain the existing customers and attract new, potential ones, which is the main goal of each company.


💎thanks to the large exhibition area, it ensures brand recognition
💎 due to its attractive location, it reaches a wide audience
💎 it is a very profitable investment that stands the test of time
💎 it offers advertisers an extremely wide range of designs and alternatives
💎 it is an excellent promotion of online and offline interaction between the brand and customers