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Advertising on LED screens

Advertising on LED screens

Advertising on big screens is a modern way of presenting the company. The mobile image definitely increases the promotion of a given product or service of the company. It is a brilliant way to appear on the market, as well as to build a specific image. Our offer on large screens includes over 500 verified, carefully selected carriers which are located in small, medium and large cities. In addition to broadcast advertising spots, LED screens transmit independent, neutral content. A modern system enables rapid updates and media processing.    


Advertising on big screens goes directly to a wide audience and all this happens while walking, return from work to home and vice versa, and during each trip by bus or car. The recipient in an involuntary way, e.g. waiting for the green light, looks at the colorful, eye-catching screens and becomes a potential customer. That’s why advertising on big screens is an ideal advertising medium for every industry.

9 out of 10 people pay attention to light advertising
87% of people can reproduce a remembered moving image
Ability to match campaigns in terms of territory (national, regional and local advertising campaigns)
Mass coverage of the campaign.
407  screens
407 screens
15  million viewers per day
15 million viewers per day
53 724  daily views
53 724 daily views
Cities where we place advertising

We are a leading provider of advertising time on large screens in Poland. We offer over 500 verified media on which we regularly carry out nationwide, regional and local advertising campaigns. Recently, the company’s offer has expanded to include billboards, boards, large format screens, citylights and other non-standard OOH forms, i.e. ambient. Our comprehensive service includes production of spots, audits, reports on campaigns carried out as well as any non-standard promotional campaigns.