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Bus advertisements in Poland

Advertising on buses

Media carriers on buses are a great convenience for travellers, especially when buses are stuck in the morning and afternoon traffic jams. Advertising on buses is visible and unobtrusive, so that the message becomes nicer and easier to assimilate for the recipient. The main advantage of advertising in buses is mobility, advertising is constantly in motion so we can show it throughout the city. However, it should be remembered that the more vehicles we rent for advertising, the more likely it is to be noticed. Advertising on buses is not the only one multimedia medium. We offer vehicle and bus rear wrapping as well as advertising on frames and passenger handles.

Available media

LCD screens, ceiling frames, Fullback, passenger handles, overall vehicle wrapping

Why is advertising on buses?
Advertising 24/h
Mass coverage of the campaign
Mass coverage of the campaign
The ability to customize the
campaign in terms of territoriality
High efficiency - adverts
cannot be turned off
The dynamic image effectively
attracts the recipient's attention
1282 buses
4205 screens
24h hour advertisi
24hhour advertisi
The cities where
we place adverts