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Advertising on Office buildings


Warsaw Spire is a vibrant symbol of modern Warsaw. The office buildings complex is located within the Wola district at Plac Europejski square on the corner of Łucka and Towarowa streets. The unique combination of modern technologies, comfort of work and environmental care perfectly reflect the character of this place. What’s more, the public space which is accompanied by numerous outdoor events is a permanent meeting place for the residents of Warsaw.

For whom?

Advertising in Warsaw Spire is an innovative media network designed for the most demanding clients. The facility is located in the heart of Warsaw’s business center which enables precise access to the premium segment (professionally active people with higher education).

Getting to the premium customer
High intensity of the spot's emission
High-quality multimedia with diagonal of 24 "- 55" inches.
Advertising in a prestigious environment
High visibility of screens
2,9 mln million contacts
20/30 spots/h


Advertising on the screens of Warsaw Spire is an innovative advertising media network with the ability to reach premium audience groups (professionally active people with higher education). The offer includes three buildings (180-meter skyscraper and two side buildings with a height of 55 m), the complex has a total of 44 LCD screens, which are located in the most frequented places, i.e. lobbies, receptions, elevators. The visibility of the screens is emphasized by modern design, which perfectly integrates with the architecture of the place. Daily traffic in Warsaw Spire is from several to over ten thousand people – Warsaw Spire is the largest office complex in Poland, provides 100,000 sq m of A class office space, certified in BREEAM at the Excellent level and offers a working space for 8,000 people.


Within the office buildings there are numerous restaurants, cafes and urban space intended for outdoor events, during which an additional promotion opportunity is launched in the form of broadcasting a spot, branding or the name of the sponsor.   Plac Europejski in summer – a summer cinema

In the summer season, a summer cinema is organized at the Warsaw Spire area. During the event thematic sessions are planned, thanks to which it is possible to implement contextual advertising. The advertising offer includes: spot emission, product display, branding and non-standard actions.

  Plac Europejski in winter – ice rink In the winter season the square turns into an ice rink combined with a Christmas market, accompanied by numerous attractions and events. The advertising offer includes at that time: product display, branding and non-standard actions.