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Advertising on LED screens in Katowice


Advertising on large outdoor screens in Katowice is distinguished by the high reach of the campaign. Katowice can boast the largest LED screen in Poland, whose daily reach is estimated at 250,000. contacts. This is not only due to the size of the medium, but also to the ideal location. The screen is located in the very centre of Katowice, on the Skarbek Shopping Mall building – a place with high traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian.

Advertising on the LED screens in Katowice

Despite its size (80 m2), the screen is an integral part of the building structure, thanks to which the message becomes non-invasive and pleasant to receive. There are 7 LED screens in Katowice. All screens are located in places with high traffic, i.e. large intersections, highways, etc. Considering the range of one LED screen, the effects of the campaign using all the media can be really impressive.

Advertise effectively in Katowice

Mobile advertising on LED screens catches the eye much more effectively than static billboards or posters, therefore, when planning an advertising campaign in Katowice it is worth using big screens. Promotion in the form of a video presentation allows to reach a very wide audience. Advertisements placed in strategic places draw the eyes of pedestrians, passengers of public transport, drivers in traffic jams – people of all ages, of different social positions and with different interests. Paid outdoor advertising of this type is by far the most effective, so it is worth using it as a main or an auxiliary form of promoting products or services for other media.

Big screens in Katowice

Outdoor advertising displayed by the LED screens is ideal not only for local companies offering their services in Katowice but also for those who operate in the wider – regional, national or European level. Take care of the effectiveness of your advertising campaign, choose a prestigious and innovative medium – advertise on LED big screens in Katowice!