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OOH digital advertising - you reach key audiences with targeted brand messages


🔗OOH digital advertising is nowadays one of the fastest growing types of outdoor advertising. Digital opportunities allow the presentation of highly targeted content that reaches the target audience. What’s more, the message has a very attractive form, including changing images in saturated, vivid colours that are eye-catching because they are visible from a distance, regardless of the time of day and weather conditions.



💎What is the secret of OOH digital advertising?

🔗Digital OOH advertising is one of the forms of outdoor advertising, and as everyone knows, outdoor advertising has stood out with its effectiveness for centuries. Placed on the streets, walls of buildings, shop windows and even fences, it has always attracted the eyes of recipients and reached a wide group of potential customers, especially thanks to visible and colourful images. Along with the development of technology, the traditional OOH combined its forces with digital possibilities, which revolutionized the outdoor advertising market. Over the last decade, digital OOH advertising has become one of the fastest growing and most effective media in the world. According to a study published on September 1, 2022 by Statista1, global DOOH ad spend will increase from $ 7.4 billion in 2020 to $ 15.9 billion in 2027. Thus, this result is more than twice as much in less than a decade.



💎What is this growth being driven?


🔗First and foremost, digital OOH advertising is distinguished by an excellent location. Digital media are placed close to target groups – in city centers, in places with high traffic and large groups of people. These are places that cannot be overlooked, so advertising on a digital medium is always a guaranteed benefit for the brand. BE Media advertising agency, which has advertising media in strategic locations throughout the country (including public transport, private and public clinics, office buildings, magnificent illuminations, universities, parcel lockers, shopping malls, billboards in various points of the city and passageways, elevators, and even in a summer cinema) has been cooperating with companies for years, giving tips and suggesting where to place the advertising message in order to reach the desired audience.


🔗It is worth noting that digital OOH advertising saves costs related to printing and installation, as in the case of traditional billboards. This, in turn, translates into a greater return on investment. Fourth, digital advertising means keeping content updated on a regular basis. The image with “fresh content” may change every few seconds, which additionally increases the interest of the audience (in static ads the same message is presented for several weeks).


💎Digital OOH advertising – why is it necessary? 

🔗DOOH is an unusual advertising medium because it is ubiquitous and ” not turning off”. It reaches the audience at the right moment in their daily lives. The reinforcing factor is that people spend more time outdoors and pay more attention to their surroundings. During everyday activities, the consumer is exposed to dozens of larger and smaller advertising screens and looks at them unknowingly (he is involved in a creative image that cannot be offered by other forms of advertising). The OOH digital advertising phenomenon is also based on the fact that it is a non-invasive advertisement.

🔗Recent Nielsen research by OAAA3 has shown that DOOH generates a high level of engagement, significantly raises consumer awareness and drives them to take purchasing actions (almost 2/3 of DOOH viewers engaged in at least one measured action after viewing a digital billboard, including visiting an advertiser’s website, searching online for them, visiting a store or restaurant, visiting or posting to a social networking site or blog).



🔗The digital outdoor advertising market has evolved in terms of consumer perception in recent years. Nowadays, people spend more time outdoors and travel more and more, so they not only have the possibility of contact, but also pay attention to a bright, transparent, colourful advertising message on a digital screen that stands out from the environment. Such changes are a great opportunity for advertisers, especially since currently this advertising channel (digital OOH advertising) is interactive, more engaging and, above all, available to all companies and for various budgets. An offer tailored to the individual needs of each brand will be handled especially by the BEMedia agency, which will develop and create the best advertising concept for each company, and then implement it,  taking care of the smallest detail.


BE Media and you reach key audiences with targeted brand message!