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Advertising at Universities


Students are a very active consumer group, susceptible to new trends and advertising content. They expect easy and fast information they do not have to spend too much time on. Following this track, we have developed the largest network of Digital Signage screens in Poland focused on the academic environment. TV Student is the largest network of media in Poland that offers advertising opportunities at universities. The structure of the communication channel provides the medium with a highly adapted form of communication to the recipient – a young, active and working consumer group with high purchasing potential. A great advantage of the medium is the unique content that, apart from the commercial block, presents an information service developed with the cooperation of universities and students.


Screens at universities are a proven employer branding tool, that is employer brand promotion. Students are constantly looking for places to get their first professional experience. An offer of work displayed on screens in university buildings can attract educated and ambitious people into the company’s ranks and build its image. Universities can also advertise all brands for which students are the target group.

45 colleges
213  screens
213 screens
400tys. thousand contacts
400tys.thousand contacts
24 cities
high visibility media
high efficiency
the possibility of adapting the campaign in terms of territoriality
advertising with the use of eye-catching, dynamic and vivid medium
medium perfectly suited to the recipient
an effective employer branding tool