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Advertising in metro, underground in Warsaw

Advertising in Warsaw Undeground Metro

Metro is a cheap, fast and ecological means of transport. In addition, this Warsaw one has been developing very dynamically which convinced even people who were used to travelling by car to take the underground. It is obvious that it is better to leave the car in the garage when it turns out that the same section can be travelled in 20 minutes instead of an hour, without traffic jams and unexpected incidents on the road. If Targówek and Bemowo districts had been connected by metro by 2023, more people would change from their own cars to public transport. Now each of the new metro trains is equipped with LCDs. They display news about city life, route and advertising. We are one of the advertising agencies that deals with their creation. We have already created hundreds of such campaigns.

Available media

LCD screens, frames, wrapping of whole metro vans, video wall, metroboard

Why advertising in metro?
We will design an advertisement
that will attract the eyes of all
passengers, even those who travel with their eyes stuck in a book

We guarantee reaching 60%
of Warszawa residents – such
a number of people declare
that they move by public
transport every day
We can customize the message to your chosen target group
We will increase the awareness of your brand quickly and effectively

We will choose the best advertising
medium for your campaign
together - we offer advertising on
billboards of metro stations as well
as on screens and advertising frames in train vans
Our graphic designers and advertising
specialists approach each client individually, thanks to that your advert cannot be confused with any other advertising

The power of Underground Advertising (every brand can become part of everyday life)

The Warsaw underground is a really special environment for advertisers. Although it is a relatively new underground railway system in Poland, it is a unique place to present an advertisement. Underground advertising in Warsaw is a promotion platform like no other.

When we talk about underground advertising in Poland, of course, we mean underground advertising in Warsaw, advertising that is unique not only because of the place, but also the way it reaches the consumer.

Overall, underground advertising is an example of transit advertising, which is one of the most effective advertising today. It is hard to miss and hard to avoid. Why?

– the advertisement of the product may be placed not only inside or outside the vehicle, but also on the walls of the tunnel or on the platform. Therefore, the client has constant, direct contact with it.

– when you go down to the underground station, your phone signal can drop out and the use of Wi-Fi provided by telecommunications companies is often unreliable. So what to do, the client thinks, and automatically focuses on the ad that helps to distract from the (time) journey and break the boredom of the journey. Moreover, like when at the airport, consumers are essentially trapped at the station, with nowhere to go, and with nothing to do. Hence the conclusion and the certainty that passengers will read the advertisements – and more than once for sure. In this way, unique interactions between the recipients and the advertisement are created – the client himself begins to look for the advertisement, watches it and remembers it.

Underground advertising is a unique promotional platform thanks to which each brand can establish contact with consumers

Underground advertising in Warsaw is an extremely effective advertising due to the scale of its reach. Several hundred thousand passengers travel by the Warsaw underground every day, including tourists whose obligatory point on the sightseeing list is the Warsaw underground. The effectiveness of advertising in this case results not only from the number of people exposed to advertising, but also from the frequency of exposure to the advertising message, especially during standard activities. If a passenger takes the same underground to work/school and back every day, he or she will see the ad a minimum of 20-40 times in one month. Another argument in favor of underground advertising is its timeliness, as the presented content is constantly updated.

Underground Advertising – every brand can become part of everyday life

Underground advertising in Poland is one of the most profitable ways to promote products. How is it possible? The answer is simple. The advertiser reaches a similar number of recipients as in the case of TV advertising, and the difference is that OOH media are much cheaper than TV advertising and more varied. The product can be shown to a wide audience with the help of really diverse advertising tools: LCD screens, frames, full wrapping of underground cars, video wall, metroboard, wrapping on platform walls, stickers on validating stamps, stickers on car windows – adequate to the advertiser’s needs and budget. Advertising in underground stations guarantees maximum audience reach with minimal investment. This allows you to launch an advertising campaign for every product or service, every budget and every business sector. It offers a wide range of formats and guarantees high advertising impact, fast ROI and the widest possible reach.

Underground advertising in Warsaw means visibility for hundreds of thousands of people a day, especially since customers in such a place have time to watch advertisements. Therefore, travellers are more motivated to engage in advertising for the sake of advertising itself, whether or not the product category is right for them right away.

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