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Advertising in Krakow in Poland

Advertising in Krakow in Poland

💎Each branch of industry, regardless of the size and range of products/services offered, needs a medium that will allow it to reach customers. Advertising is the best way to convey information. It will ensure brand recognition, strengthen its position on the market, and through proper creation will guarantee trust and encourage consumers to make a purchase.

💎Recognizable and visible from afar advertising is particularly important in large agglomerations, such as Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw. Moreover, location is of key importance here. First of all, people there live in a hurry, so they pay attention to what stands out from the environment. Secondly, they are often stuck in traffic jams, and then their eyes fall on an advertisement placed at their eye level, on the main arteries or access roads to the city.In addition, in large cities a high percentage of people travel by public transport, and the average journey time is 30-40 minutes. During this time, they try to occupy themselves with something that will make the journey seem shorter. Most often then they observe the landscape outside the window and watch visible advertisements or focus on the information presented on advertising media placed inside the bus/tram.People working/studying in big cities often also commute to work/school from smaller towns, and wait for the train/bus at railway or bus stations, where they also have the opportunity to come across an advertising message that adds color to the environment and allows them to occupy time related to waiting for the arrival of the means of transport.


💎One of the most important and recognizable cities in Poland is Krakow. Advertising in Krakow is a real must-have for every company. Thanks to advertising in Krakow, every company can count on a guarantee of success and a high ROI.However, to be sure of reaching the right audience (target customers), it is best to use the services of proven and reliable advertising agencies, such as BE Media.It is an opportunity to access the appropriate advertising tools that allow you to build an effective and consistent advertising strategy for the products/services offered by your company, and at the same time you can be sure of saving money and time/effort.Cooperation with the BE Media agency is a guarantee of reaching the desired target group through the entire spectrum of advertising possibilities, including advertising on billboards, buses, trams, at stops, at railway stations, on trains, at airports, in shopping centers, on large-format nets, and even in dedicated locations, such as universities or clinics.

Why is advertising in Krakow particularly profitable?


💎Krakow is the second largest city in Poland in terms of size and population. About 800,000 people live and work there on a daily basis. Therefore, it is a huge number of potential customers who, thanks to the daily viewing of the advertisement, intensify their purchasing activities

💎Krakow is one of the most visited places by tourists from the country and around the world. According to specialists, in 2021, Krakow was visited by about 11 million tourists who spend their money more willingly and faster not only on souvenirs, but also on everyday products/services (especially when they stay overnight in private accommodation). They also more often move to different places and wait for activities planned by themand therefore they are more likely to look at displayed advertisements at this time (including at stations, airports, public transport).  

💎Krakow is the largest concentration of companies from the business services sector in Poland in terms of employment. High quality and modern design of media surrounded by interesting architecture perfectly reflect the prestige of the brand, and the business environment allows you to reach an attractive target group.

💎Krakow is one of the largest railway and transport hubs in Poland. Every day, 28 regular tram lines and over 150 city and suburban bus lines serve domestic and international customers who are exposed to advertising on digital signage media inside vehicles.

💎Krakow Airport is the second busiest airport in Poland – in 2019 it served 8.41 million passengers who, especially while waiting for their flight, come into contact with the displayed advertising message.

💎Krakow is an opportunity to advertise in dedicated places, such as universities (over 10 universities), where students are eager to get acquainted with current information from employers and products/services of any other industry sector.

Advertising in Krakow is a real must-have for a company that wants to stand out, remind of themselves, maintain recognition and reach a huge and guaranteed number of customers with different needs and expectations. Cooperation with a competent advertising office, such as BE Media (which can individualize the advertising message depending on the brand’s requirements), will allow each company to intensify the advertising message and guarantee reaching the desired audience. 

💎BE Media is a trustworthy partner who cooperates with clients from all over the world. We provide comprehensive service and implementation of Out-of-home advertising. Thanks to many years of experience, we know where to find your potential customers, and thanks to a diverse advertising portfolio, we know what means to use to match the advertisement especially for you and draw the attention of customers to the advertising message.