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Advertisement in shopping malls

Advertising in the shopping mall – certainty to reach every customer

Shopping malls are places that are never empty. They are always vibrant with life, regardless of the season, day or hour. What’s more, they are full of people who are there for one purpose – they want to go shopping. Hence, advertising in shopping malls is an ideal solution that will guarantee reaching customers, raise brand awareness and help establish contact with recipients.

Shopping centers in Poland have operated for over 25 years. Since their inception, they have become an ideal space for trade, entertainment, gastronomy and… ADVERTISING. Advertising that has created the opportunity for many brands to exist, maintain (raise) their awareness and establish (continuous) contact with the customer. 

A survey conducted in 2021 showed that nearly 83% of residents of large cities in Poland are the customers of shopping centers, of which 62% visit shopping malls once a week to shop in stores of many categories.1 This is an impressive number, considering that there are currently approx. 560 shopping centers and retail parks with an area of more than 5,000 m2 in Poland.2 

What is advertising in the shopping mall

Advertising in shopping malls is a type of outdoor advertising that is placed in a shopping mall or retail trade with high traffic.Such advertising can appear anywhere: on walls, ceilings, elevators, escalators, doors, ATMs, maps and more. It may have a static form or
a more dynamic – digital form, e.g. in the form of a (multimedia) advertising kiosk, usually as a free-standing illuminated display, passed by each buyer in the hall of a shopping mall.The BEMedia advertising agency, specializing in comprehensive service and implementation of advertising campaigns throughout Poland, provides forms of advertising in shopping malls that will guarantee reaching customers, raising brand awareness and contact with the recipient, including:large-format digital display and billboard, visible to recipients from a distance, eye-catching with vivid, bright colors and changing images,

💎elegant digital signage screens located throughout the shopping mall, which, in addition to alternating advertisements displayed by several advertisers, may contain entertainment content,
💎advertising poster, advertising boards, as well as a sign or banner, often hanging from the ceiling or located between floors, made of vinyl or other material,
💎wrapping of escalators or elevators,
💎advertising packages in the form of exhibition islands, hostesses, places for product display,
💎other advertising solutions, tailored to the needs and expectations of the client.

Advertisement in shopping malls

There are approximately 560 shopping malls in Poland with an area of over 5000 square meters. It is a place not only for shopping, but also for meeting friends which evoke a feeling of joy in us and make us feel happier. Shopping centers are identified with such emotions. These are places where we often forget about current problems and worries.

Shopping malls play a significant role on the outdoor advertising market due to various advertising forms and a very large number of consumers, i.e. potential customers at the place of purchase.

The solutions proposed by our agency are a wide spectrum of possibilities for advertisers and a very significant element while planning an effective advertising strategy.

Companies have the option of displaying their advertisements in a very precise way and in the form they can choose. Our agency provides a comprehensive advertising offer in shopping malls and commercial facilities thanks to a variety of high-quality advertising media. By selecting the right advertising media and space in shopping malls, we are able to evoke specific emotions and attitudes among consumers, and thus initiate a purchase. In addition, by evoking specific reactions from customers, we establish permanent contact with them in a place where they are faced with a specific choice.

Our agency’s offer includes advertising forms that are ideal for shopping malls: flags, shop windows, banners between floors, boards, billboards, wrapping stairs, elegant digital media on which we display advertising spots, and large-format advertising. In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we have also created advertising packages in the form of exhibition islands, hostesses, places for displaying products and other tailor-made solutions.

As part of advertising in shopping malls, we provide our clients primarily with unique advertising “tailored” especially for them. Focusing on the client’s needs and expectations is an absolute priority of our agency. Shopping malls are a place for shopping, meetings, fun and spending a good time.

What are the benefits of advertising in shopping malls

The main and most important benefit of advertising in shopping malls is the ability to reach audiences who came specifically to spend money.This is where advertising on screens in stores will work best. Why?First, there is a lot of traffic, so an illuminated advertising message will cause buyers to stop and notice a vivid, flashing image with a colorful slogan and visible content.Secondly, people spend an average of 2-3 hours or more in a shopping mall, so they have plenty of time to notice and get familiar with (even more than once) advertising in stores.Third, if a given brand has a store in a shopping mall, promotional advertising on a large-format digital display or a free-standing advertising kiosk will only intensify its memory and encourage visitors to visit it, especially by the target group.In addition, placing an advertising message in several places in the shopping mall will make it reach all the customers present in this place and strengthen the message.In addition, for most stores, it is worth targeting advertising that always works, i.e. advertising that appeals to children.

When talking about advertising in stores in shopping centers, we should not forget, but rather remember about advertising in grocery stores.Advertising displays placed in a specific supermarket (or drugstore/pharmacy) chain on shopping carts, baskets, shelves, receipts, posters at the entrance to stores allow you to reach millions of customers at several dozen points at the same time.Regardless of whether it is advertising in stores in general or advertising in grocery stores, digital signage will work perfectly here, as it can achieve
a higher reminder rate than advertising in social media.Moreover, this type of (D)OOH advertising is the ability to target a specific advertising message to geographic regions, using different demographic data.

When planning an advertising campaign, each company should consider advertising in stores in a shopping mall (including advertising in grocery stores).As part of advertising in shopping malls, we provide our clients primarily with unique advertising “tailored” especially for them.We will help with the creation of the advertisement and its destinations, we will provide you with the cost of such activities. Focusing on customer needs and expectations is BEMedia‘s absolute priority, so contact us today to discuss your options.

🎀BEMedia – you will reach every customer with us 

560 shopping malls all over the country
560 shopping mallsall over the country
Millions of customers monthly per gallery
Millions of customersmonthly per gallery
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Diverse offerof premium advertising media