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Advertisement in shopping malls

Advertisement in shopping malls

There are approximately 560 shopping malls in Poland with an area of over 5000 square meters. It is a place not only for shopping, but also for meeting friends which evoke a feeling of joy in us and make us feel happier. Shopping centers are identified with such emotions. These are places where we often forget about current problems and worries.

Shopping malls play a significant role on the outdoor advertising market due to various advertising forms and a very large number of consumers, i.e. potential customers at the place of purchase.

The solutions proposed by our agency are a wide spectrum of possibilities for advertisers and a very significant element while planning an effective advertising strategy.

Companies have the option of displaying their advertisements in a very precise way and in the form they can choose. Our agency provides a comprehensive advertising offer in shopping malls and commercial facilities thanks to a variety of high-quality advertising media. By selecting the right advertising media and space in shopping malls, we are able to evoke specific emotions and attitudes among consumers, and thus initiate a purchase. In addition, by evoking specific reactions from customers, we establish permanent contact with them in a place where they are faced with a specific choice.


Our agency’s offer includes advertising forms that are ideal for shopping malls: flags, shop windows, banners between floors, boards, billboards, wrapping stairs, elegant digital media on which we display advertising spots, and large-format advertising. In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we have also created advertising packages in the form of exhibition islands, hostesses, places for displaying products and other tailor-made solutions.


As part of advertising in shopping malls, we provide our clients primarily with unique advertising “tailored” especially for them. Focusing on the client’s needs and expectations is an absolute priority of our agency. Shopping malls are a place for shopping, meetings, fun and spending a good time.

560 shopping malls all over the country
560 shopping mallsall over the country
Millions of customers monthly per gallery
Millions of customersmonthly per gallery
Diverse offer of premium advertising media
Diverse offerof premium advertising media