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Advertising in medical clinics


TV Pharma premium is the most prestigious and the largest network of digital signage media in the healthcare environment, reaching up to 3 million contacts per month. Advertising in TV Pharma medical clinics covers the entire Medicover group and related entities. As the only medium on the Polish market, it is a unique channel of communication with the patient and medical staff. The main task of the content presented on the screens is to diversify the time of patients who await an appointment – the displayed message shifts their attention away from the matters that brought them to the clinic and arouses interest in the product offered. Medical clinics are a place where clients from various industries meet. Advertising in TV Pharma medical clinics is a must-have in the media agenda for many industries. TV Pharma premium is communication with patients and medical staff in clinics, hospitals and pharmacies, that is in places of special trust. Advertising in medical clinics is distinguished by high visibility and credibility. Patients look at the screens involuntarily, and the neutral content effectively draws the attention of viewers of all ages. TV Pharma has a positive impact on the patient experience, being a very important medium promoting products and services for every industry. Advertising in TV Pharma medical clinics is a reliable source of information.



LCD media in medical facilities are the only form of communication with the patient who is strictly focused on his own health, the health of his family and those under his care. Undoubtedly, this is a perfect place for activities carried out as part of pharmaceutical marketing, but not only. Representatives of various professions can be met at Medicover waiting rooms and their interests are not focused solely on health. So the message can be just as diverse.

100 locations
200 media carriers
200media carriers
3,5 ml million contacts
3,5 mlmillion contacts
17 cities
71% of respondents pay attention to advertising
71%of respondents pay attention to advertising
Reaching customers in all age groups
Piston and queue guarantee a huge transmission power
Multimedia carriers are the only available form of advertising in the clinic
Unique content attracts the recipient's attention
The ability to match the campaign in terms of territoriality
Attractive target group

respondents rate advertising at the clinic as attractive
respondents believe that advertising in the clinic raises their confidence
respondents declare that advertising in the clinic convinces them to buy
respondents look for additional information about the product advertised in the clinic

The campaign implemented at the Medicover clinics can be additionally extended with posters and leaflets in hospitals, which will be a perfect complement to the promotion. Advertising media are placed along the corridors and at the reception, thanks to which the message will always remain visible and easily accessible to hospital patients. We are the only company on the Polish market which has an information and education channel addressed directly to hospital patients in the offer.