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Indoor advertising - have a captive audience with a precise message

If someone asked about the benefits that indoor advertising brings to companies, the most important ones could be mentioned in one breath: it provides a captive audience, conveys a precise message, is a good branding strategy, allows for creativity, can be displayed many times… That is why indoor advertising is advertising that every company that wants to promote itself and its products should think about. And how does it look like in Poland?

Despite the intensive development of Internet technologies, traditional outdoor advertising and indoor advertising in Poland are of great importance for the image and recognition of the company, and this affects its sales. Indoor advertising in Poland is designed to reach a specific client (target group), e.g. clinic patients, medical staff, students, businessmen, travellers, families with children, etc.

Indoor advertising is primarily intended to attract the attention of customers in a specific place, arouse their interest, make a positive impression and encourage action (call to action). This is an element that supports the visual identification of the brand. Its message must be clear and compatible with other materials that promote the company.

We have prepared a short overview of indoor advertisements, which are the most willingly and most often chosen in our agency by marketers and their clients.

Indoor advertising in medical clinics

Modern digital signage visual systems educate patients about their health awareness, medical research and treatment options. A very popular and well-liked advertisement among the pharmaceutical, beauty and leisure and holiday sectors. Indoor advertising in clinics distributes educational programmes for patients and medical staff. Advertising in clinics, pharmacies and hospitals is a typical wait marketing, that is a marketing strategy in which the company provides the consumer with a promotional and educational message, while the consumer is sometimes forced to wait.

BE Media Advertising Agency is the only one on the Polish market that provides innovative tools in the form of indoor advertising for the daily education of patients in the field of health awareness, medical research and treatment options, and the success of educational and advertising programmes is based on a wide range of attractive advertising media.

Indoor advertising in office buildings

Advertising in office buildings – Business TV – is an innovative network of indoor advertising media, designed for the most demanding customers. Our carriers are located in the very heart of the business district of Warsaw, which enables us to precisely reach the segment of the premium group recipients (professionally active people with higher education), physically active people (fitness club on the premises) and corporate employees.


Indoor advertising at airports

Advertising at Polish airports is a great place to promote your company on an international as well as national level. Thanks to indoor carriers at the airports, we reach a strictly specific recipient (also international), i.e. people whose interests are focused on business, travel, tourism and leisure. There are people of different ages, social positions and professions in the departures hall, which is why airport passengers constitute an extremely attractive target group.

Indoor advertising at universities

Digital signage advertising at universities is aimed at students and academic staff. Students are a very active consumer group, susceptible to new trends and advertising content. A great advantage of our network is the unique content which, apart from the commercial block, presents an information service developed in cooperation with universities and students. Indoor advertising media are located in over 50 universities, which are estimated to reach over half a million students monthly. The carriers are perfect for the implementation of commercial, social and information campaigns as well as recruitment campaigns.

Indoor advertising in shopping malls

Shopping malls and shopping centres play a significant role in the indoor advertising market due to attractive advertising forms and a very large number of consumers, i.e. potential customers who do not need to be invited to come, because they are already there! The solutions proposed by our agency represent a wide range of possibilities for advertisers and a significant element in planning an effective advertising strategy.

Posters and roll-ups

Posters are advertisements that are created by large-format printing of a graphic design combined with a catchy advertising slogan. They inform the customer about our offer, about promotions, new products and encourage them to act. Modern large format prints have a very high resolution in a wide range of colours. Graphics should be designed in such a way that the potential customer can easily see all the information relevant to him from a distance. Roll-ups are also prints, but not on paper, but on a special material that is stretched on a folding stand.

Coffers and floor stickers

The coffers are special advertisements in an illuminated frame. Thanks to modern technologies, it is possible to produce coffers with very individual spatial forms. Another type of indoor advertising are floor stickers that are printed on a durable foil that we stick directly to the tiles. In this way, we can inform the client about promotions, displays, or show the way to our office. Floor stickers are often also an element emphasizing the overall decor of a room.

With the Be Media agency you will find such indoor advertising in Poland that is suitable for your company.