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What are our campaigns?

Our adverts can be found virtually anywhere. The spots are displayed on advertising media in medical clinics, public transport, office buildings, universities, car services and on LED screens at various points of the city. Each creation is made by taking into account the specificity of a given place. This allows the campaign to achieve maximum efficiency.

The contextuality of the campaign is not the only method that gives us recognition among customers. We know a lot of ways to attract the attention of the busy recipient. In the Karcher campaign, Cookie Monster known from “Sesame Street” appeared, Vichy’s spots were accompanied by distribution of cosmetics samples, KFC advertisement displayed at universities tempted with intense colours, and during the Tchibo action, a double-decker bus covered with brand’s symbols passed the streets of Warsaw. Thanks to this, the majority of recipients, when asked about what they remembered from a given action, are able to list the most important information contained in the advertisement. Also connecting the broadcast content with the brand is not a problem for them. It follows that drivers, public transport passengers, medical clinic patients and students do not ignore the content displayed on the screens at all. It is quite the opposite – the message displayed every day is recorded in the recipient’s memory and contributes to the increase of brand awareness. However, you need to know how to grab the attention and keep the interest while displaying the spot.

Advertising campaign for Kotelnica | Public transport

Advertising campaign for Muszynianka | Public transport

Advertising campaign for British Council | Office Space

Advertising campaign for Coca-Cola | Ski slopes – LED screens

Advertising campaign HBO GO | Summer cinema on the European Square

Advertising campaign for Tchibo |Ambient

Advertising campaign for Kotelnica

Advertising campaign for Meloradio

Advertising campaign for Coventry University

Advertising campaign for Mazda 3 | Office Space

Advertising campaign for Uber | Ambient advertising

Advertising campaign for Vichy | Medicover medical clinics

Advertising campaign | Fan zone on the European Square

Advertising campaign for Lotto | Warsaw Spire

Advertising campaign for Nałęczowianka | Advertising billboards

Advertising campaign for Cyberpunk 2077 | Warsaw Spire

Advertising campaign for KFC | Universities

Advertising campaign for Citroen | Warsaw Spire office buildings

Advertising campaign for Balantines | Ambient

Advertising campaign for LG | Medicover medical clinics