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Advertising on LED screens in Poznań


In the capital of Wielkopolska Province – Poznań – we offer 15 large, multimedia advertising Led screens. Billboards in Poznan are a great offer to reach the city’s residents, as well as tourists. Through a multimedia, dynamic spot we can tell an interesting story about a company or product. Media are located in places where there is constant traffic and a lot of pedestrians. What’s more, the screens are located at the largest and busiest intersection in the city. Excellent image quality and a well-chosen location means that the screens cannot be overlooked.

Advertising on LED screens in Poznań

Customers are connected with such industries as: auto-moto, trade, or FMCG and health & beauty. Poznań is the fifth largest city in Poland in terms of population. Good location, proximity to the capital of Germany – Berlin, highway to Warsaw, Poznań – Ławica airport which is close to the center – these are just some of the factors that affect that Poznań is a willingly chosen city by investors and businessmen. Due to the potential of the city, it is worth showing up in Poznań.

Advertise effectively on large screens in Poznan

Are you looking for an effective way to promote in Poznan? Advertising on LED screens is an excellent medium, reaching a wide audience. LED screens display images that are dynamic and colourful, which makes them much more attractive than static posters or billboards. Movement on the screen attracts attention and is persisted in the mind of the potential client. Placed at the main streets in the city centre, this type of advertising attracts the attention of the public – pedestrians, passengers of public transport and drivers staying in the traffic jam. The LEDs’ other advantage is the fact that they are perfectly visible regardless of weather conditions – advertising LED screens stand out against the background of the Poznań city infrastructure even during cloudy and rainy days.

Bet on modernity, use LED screens

Advertising on LED screens is a great way to promote both local entrepreneurs running business in Poznań and larger companies that direct their offer to clients from all over Poland or Europe. Paid LED advertising in the form of video presentations can also become one of the elements of a wide advertising campaign – broadcast on large screens will complement the promotion in the press, television or the Internet. The mobile form of the message raises the prestige and recognition of the brand, so it is worth investing in it.