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How to effectively promote a brand using outdoor advertising mediums in combination with social media?!

How to effectively promote a brand using outdoor advertising mediums in combination with social media?!

How to effectively promote a brand using outdoor advertising mediums in combination with social media?!

Marketing must follow trends. If social media are the trend, then companies absolutely should not ignore them. Social media are a very powerful advertising medium because they are considered the most credible. But this can be further strengthened by combining social media campaigns with OOH (Out of Home) advertising. How to do it to make the campaign effective? Here are our suggestions.

What are social media?

Social media are platforms whose main task is to provide entertainment to their users. Currently, the most popular ones include Instagram (owned by Meta – formerly Facebook) and TikTok. Facebook is also significant in the advertising market, albeit with less emphasis on creating elaborate advertising campaigns. LinkedIn should not be forgotten either, as it is a medium created for business communication.

Content created by internet creators is available to social media users for free. They provide entertainment in the form of humorous content but also convey practical knowledge, such as plant care tips or presenting recipes. Internet creators are more credible to consumers than celebrities, actors, or singers hired for advertising campaigns. Influencers, internet creators who carry out paid advertising campaigns where they present products provided by the companies employing them, are much closer to consumers and easy to identify with.

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Social media can be the only advertising medium, but the campaign’s reach can also be increased by combining it with an OOH or DOOH campaign. How to do it?

What are OOH and DOOH campaigns?

OOH (Out of Home) and DOOH (Digital Out of Home) campaigns are all advertising media found outside the home. This includes billboards, posters, posters at bus shelters, as well as all electronic media, such as screens on public transport vehicles or electronic displays at stops or freestanding locations (e.g., in shopping malls). Their reach to target groups is very large because they are located outdoors, allowing ads to be seen by a much larger audience than just internet and social media users.

In the digitized world, it should be noted that an ad noticed at a bus stop may be the reason why a person wants to learn more about the advertised product. This should be made easier for consumers. How to do it?

How to combine OOH campaigns with social media?

To effectively combine OOH campaigns with social media, it is necessary to allow recipients of the ad to quickly switch from one advertising medium to another. QR codes are increasingly placed on billboards for this purpose. By scanning them, potential customers can quickly move to your brand’s social media. There, the presented content can complement the campaign or simply be a place full of inspiration.

Another example of combining OOH campaigns with social media is creating a story that starts on a billboard, and to see its continuation, you need to move to social media. You can also create a reverse campaign where social media posts encourage a kind of outdoor scavenger hunt to find billboards in the urban space.

Social media are not the same as a website and are not intended solely to inform about the company. Their task is to build relationships with customers, so the content must include a Call to Action (CTA), which will make the algorithm more willing to display the posts shared by you to an increasing number of people. Replicating content – an effective way to anchor in memory Content that you have already seen in one place will be more noticeable to you in social media than that which you have not encountered in the city. Although earlier we encouraged you to create complementary content, it does not mean that you cannot buy advertising on specific social media platforms presenting the same ad to users. This phenomenon is already known in psychology, that we more easily notice what is known. And if it’s familiar, it means it’s better. Of course, the ad must be tailored to social media, but replicating content will cause your brand to anchor in the memory of users, and they will be more willing to choose your products over the competition’s in subsequent purchases.

Do you want to create your own campaign combining OOH with social media? Contact us, and we will prepare the most appropriate proposals for OOH and DOOH advertising media, thanks to which you will turn random passers-by into loyal customers.


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