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Advertising at stops (citylight), why should you use it??

Advertising at stops, why should you use it??

Advertising at stops, why should you use it??

Exposed, eye-catching, and at the same time unobtrusive and balanced – this combination of features makes advertising at bus stops an increasingly popular form of outdoor promotion.However, to be effective, it needs a lot of creativity. It is, among other things, thanks to ingenuity that it becomes attractive to recipients.What else distinguishes this form of promotion from other types of advertising? Why is it worth choosing? You will find the answers to these and similar questions in our post.

What is advertising at stops?

Advertising at bus stops is a form of outdoor promotion. It uses citylight carriers, which are placed on the shelters of bus and tram stops.Illuminated advertising boards are small – the most common format is 120 x 180 cm – they are based on aluminum profiles, while their glazing is made of tempered glass, polycarbonate or plexiglass.Thanks to the lockable frame, it can be easily opened and the poster can be replaced with a new one.In turn, the backlight is based on fluorescent lamps or LEDs – the latter are definitely a more energy-saving solution.The next, most eye-catching element of advertising at bus and tram stops is the exhibition area.It is made of a special poster paper, the weight of which allows for optimal light dispersion, the use of saturated colours and the extraction of the right contrast.However, when it comes to displaying this type of advertisement at bus stops, it ranges from several days to a month.

Why is it worth advertising at bus and tram stops?

Citylight is an advertisement that is as close to the audience as possible.Illuminated media are clearly visible, they fit perfectly into the urban landscape, and are even referred to as an element of small architecture.Plus, they are not overwhelming or pretentious. Why is it still worth choosing this type of outdoor advertising? What are its advantages?

  • A perfect space

Thanks to this, the advertisement is not intrusive and irritating, and does not generate high costs.

  • A large audience

Citylight at the stop is addressed not only to people waiting for a bus or tram, but also to pedestrians, cyclists and car drivers.

  • Long contact of the recipient with the advertisement

Thanks to this, it is easier to remember, and this translates into greater effectiveness of the marketing message.

  • Great attractiveness

The simple format and the lighting of the medium make advertisements at bus stops well presented.

  • Durability

Contrary to traditional billboards, citylights are not afraid of bad weather conditions – this type of advertisement is unlikely to be damaged by gusty wind, rain or snow.

  • Originality

Bus and tram shelters are the perfect space for creating creative advertisements. A well-thought-out, catchy slogan or unusual graphics, and preferably a combination of both of these attributes, will significantly increase the effectiveness of an advertisement placed at a bus stop. The price of advertising at bus stops depends on several factors – the place where it is to be placed, the number of carriers on which it is to be placed or their surface. If you want to learn more about the cost of this type of campaign, check out our citylight ad format or contact us.

BE Media

We provide comprehensive service and implementation of Out-of-home advertising . Thanks to years of experience we know where to find your potential customers and what means to use to draw the attention to your advertising. The confidence that brands have in us is not unfounded – we simply implement effective campaigns. Despite the multitude of media in various parts of the city, we are not obtrusive. Our adverts are not very invasive – both for the user and for the urban landscape. They do not irritate but intrigue the audience. In our opinion, this is the best way for the campaign to be saved in the memory of a potential client.