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Auto Serwis TV is the first nationwide advertising network at car services which currently includes nearly 100 car services. The structure of the channel guarantees to reach a well-defined audience – mostly men – who during a one-time visit spend about 30 – 45 minutes in the car salon.


We offer the emission of advertising campaigns on high-quality media carriers at reputable car services. We have screens in the territory of entire Poland which makes it possible to fit the reach of the campaign easily. Depending on the customer needs and expectations we adjust advertisting time and frequency of the spot display, and if not available, we will design a new creation. Taking cooperation with us you get a guarantee of:

  • effectiveness
  • accuracy of reaching
  • savings
  • high-quality services


70 screens, 70 locations


Auto serwis TV is the perfect place for advertising for companies that direct their message to men. It attracts the attention of the customers with the unique content which includes not only advertising blocks but also news, automotive advice and information service – the advertising message is strictly targeted at the visitors of the service stations. Advertising media are located in the waiting areas designated for customers and they definitely entertain the customers while they are waiting for the car service.


  • reaching precisely selected audience
  • high efficiency
  • the possibility of the campaign execution all around the country
  • advertising with the use of eye-catching, dynamic and alive medium
  • medium perfectly matched to the customer
  • total reimbursement of the expenses – the investment returns with the profit
  • greater recognition of the product/brand

BE Media Advertising Agency enjoys an exclusive right to sell the advertising time.



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