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✈️Tourism Marketing, that is OOH advertising of interesting places in the world

✈️Tourism Marketing, that is OOH advertising of interesting places in the world

✈️Tourism Marketing,  that is OOH advertising of interesting places in the world

✈️Today, traveling around the world and getting to know new places, cultures and nature is not limited by any borders. We can move to the opposite corner of the earth at any time by plane within a few/several hours. On the one hand, it is possible thanks to technologically advanced transport, and on the other hand, due to the high openness of tourist countries to visitors. Many towns/countries and regions could remain unknown to us, if tourism marketing were not used. What is marketing and promotion of places about, is it effective? The answers are provided below

What is tourism marketing?

Tourism is definitely one of the most important industries in the world. Due to the large number of companies and brands dealing with tourism-related services, there is “strong” competition in the market. As in any other industry, proper promotion and advertising are important in tourism as well.

Tourism is one of those industries that brings huge revenues to states, as well as to all companies providing services related to it. The variety of products, as well as the multitude of tourist destinations available all over the world, make the competition in this industry equally strong. And at this point, marketing of tourist services, that is simply advertising, turns out to be extremely helpful.

Is tourism marketing effective? There is only one answer: of course it is! Countries, cities, regions as well as hotels and restaurateurs attract tourists with outdoor advertising – Out of Home (i.e. advertising outside the place of residence), most often in the form of coloured, wrapped public transport vehicles, boards, billboards or citylights.

Outdoor advertisements promoting travel services come in many different forms:

  • on buses;
  • on trains;
  • on and in trams;
  • at airports;
  • at bus stations;
  • at bus/tram stops;
  • on large-format advertisements,
  • on billboards and boards;
  • and in other unusual places.

✈️The effectiveness of tourism marketing largely depends on the creation and location of outdoor advertising, because thanks to this, it reaches potential customers quickly and effectively. A well-chosen and designed advertisement influences the positive presentation of various types of tourist services and increases the chance of choosing them.

The tourism industry is able to use marketing tools, thanks to which it can acquire a huge number of customers and build its image on global markets.

✈️Tourism marketing at the airport, or maybe on the bus or tram?!

OOH advertising is an instrument often and very eagerly used by representatives of the tourism industry to gain clients. We can effectively promote:

  • interesting countries, places and regions;
  • summer and winter rest;
  • motels, hotels and accommodation places;
  • hotel and catering services;
  • package tours;
  • services of professional guides;
  • transport services, etc.

Therefore, places where outdoor advertising (OOH) works perfectly are, for example, airports or public transport, including advertising on buses or tram wrapping.

Considering the possibility of moving within a few/several hours to the other side of the world, as well as affordable airline tickets, the choice of an airplane should come as no surprise. Airports are places that are extremely crowded with tourists, but also business travellers. Therefore, airport advertising is an efficient and effective promotional tool. At the airport, you can use, among others: multimedia screens, billboards and boards, stands, and even wrapping luggage trolleys.

An interesting idea, which is an example of effective tourism marketing, are billboards showing the warm and beautiful landscapes of the most famous tourist destinations right at the entrance to the airport. The airport space is a great place to advertise hotel services, as well as sightseeing tours, interesting destinations or summer and winter recreation.

Another example of outdoor advertising (out of home, OOH) for the tourism industry is bus wrapping. In this case, the promotion of specific countries works great (e.g. discover the beauty of Greece, dream holidays in Spain, the most beautiful places in Turkey, Austria invites you to ski, etc.), places, regions or specific hotels, e.g. offering SPA services, as well as gastronomic establishments in places frequently visited by tourists. Advertising in public transport with the use of a bus is an excellent medium, which can additionally move and go to spaces where, for example, billboards or citylights are not available.

Advertising in means of transport can also be placed in or on buses, trams or subways. Taking into account the daily number of passengers who use public transport, commuting, for example, to work or university, it should be added that such advertising in the subway, trams or buses catches the eye of tourists and many potential recipients.

✈️Marketing of tourism and recreational services – what are the rules?

Tourism marketing is governed by the laws and concepts that define this industry. First of all, it means preparing a marketing strategy aimed at a specific recipient, that is the one who may be a potential customer (tourist). Therefore, it is at the airports, buses, trams, subway, trains or railway stations that you can find the most OOH advertisements promoting the tourism industry.

✈️Marketing of tourist and recreational services, in addition to reaching a larger number of potential customers, also includes building the company’s image in its marketing strategy, i.e. hotel or catering services.

In tourism marketing, one of the main assumptions is the so-called experience economy, so we are dealing here with an economy based on experiences. Promotion of tourism places, facilities and services must be based on emotions. Creatively prepared outdoor advertising offers enormous possibilities in this respect – it attracts with its colours and sizes, and it tempts with a moving image. It presents objects or services in such a way that the person looking at the advertisement wishes to move to the place visible in the image of such advertisement.

✈️Marketing of tourist services is growing very dynamically

Access to a huge amount of information, but also changing habits, as well as the growing requirements of clients in the tourism industry mean that advertising in this sector is also evolving and must be tailored to the needs of consumers as much as possible.

OOH advertising allows to draw the attention of the recipient in a specific place and time. According to numerous reports, outdoor advertising (OOH) media were most often used, among others, by the tourism industry. From year to year, within tourism marketing, there is also a growing interest in Digital Out of Home advertising, i.e. a digital version of OOH, which allows in an innovative and very effective way to convince potential customers to use the promoted services of the tourism industry.

Description: Marketing of tourism services has been successfully using OOH advertising media to promote services in the tourism industry for many years. Discover the advantages and possibilities!

We will prepare a promotion plan for selected places, regions or events on dedicated outdoor advertising media. You will receive from us a descriptive proposal, promotion plan and a non-binding quote, along with a proposal for an advertising creation.

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