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TOP 5: the most interesting OOH campaigns of 2023

TOP 5: the most interesting OOH campaigns of 2023

TOP 5: the most interesting OOH campaigns of 2023

The year 2023 is behind us, so we can summarize and highlight the most interesting OOH (Out-of-Home) campaigns of 2023. Here are a few examples from both the Polish and international markets that particularly caught our attention.

1, “Barbie”. You might have already read about the box office success of Barbie on our blog. The entire campaign for the film was based on OOH, so it’s obvious that this campaign had to be included in our list. Among all the activities, it’s hard to highlight just one, but Barbie coming out of a box against the backdrop of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai is certainly something that this country had not seen before.

2. “Don’t sleep, or they will vote without you!”. On October 15, 2023, historic parliamentary elections were held. Historic, because a record voter turnout was achieved. Bravo Poles! But this success was partly due to the campaign “Don’t sleep, or they will vote without you!”. Many Polish cities joined the campaign. In addition to billboards and graphics displayed on DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home) carriers, murals also appeared. However, the most interesting idea was the wandering 3D alarm clock. The clock showed the time remaining until the elections, and additionally, this device traveled around Poland, appearing in the most frequented places. In Katowice, the local Korez theater organized a happening where the theater director lay in a bed set next to the clock.

3. Marks&Spencer – Love Thismas. This clothing brand’s campaign, instead of focusing on showcasing its clothes (which of course do appear, but are not the main focus), emphasizes the idea that the holidays should be spent as one wishes, not as tradition dictates. Featuring popular personalities in the UK (including singer Sophie Ellis-Baxtor) increased interest in the campaign. One might say it was a slightly controversial campaign, considering most companies focus on maintaining traditions and spending time with family. The campaign included a promotional spot on YouTube, preceded by billboards.

4. Bic – Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg. Now for a humorous touch in our ranking, with the BiC brand campaign promoting lighters. The campaign features two stars with completely different lifestyles. It includes the organized and universally loved Martha Stewart, using a lighter to light a candle and create a pleasant atmosphere at home, and Snoop Dogg, who uses it… for other purposes 😉. The campaign aimed not only to promote the brand’s products but also referenced the ongoing campaign in the USA at that time, which aimed at legalizing marijuana. Well, BiC’s stance on this issue seemed quite clear 😊.

5. Surreal and Their Fake Celebrities. What to do if you can’t afford to hire celebrities for your ads? Use their lookalikes. Or in this case, just their names. The breakfast cereal brand Surreal found people who share names with famous athletes, actors, and other celebrities to promote their cereals and encourage purchases. Simple graphics showcasing the cereals and short sentences like, “Serena Williams eats our cereal,” appeared on billboards, bus shelter posters, and social media. Below it, there was a note: “Serena is a student from London, and yes, we pay her to eat our cereal, but she likes it even without being paid.” Kudos for honesty in the campaign and for utilizing the psychological phenomenon known as social proof.

And that concludes our ranking of the best OOH campaigns of 2023. As you can see, it includes pro-social ads (the Polish elections), humor-filled ones (BiC and Surreal), global campaign organization (Barbie), and barrier-breaking campaigns (M&S). There are many more campaigns worthy of recognition, which only proves how marketing is evolving.

The OOH market grows stronger every year, and advertisers can execute their campaigns in various ways. At Be Media, 2023 was a year of intense work, many realized campaigns, and innovative ideas.

In our ranking, ‘mix’ type advertising campaigns led the way, masterfully utilizing resources from various outdoor advertising media (OOH & DOOH) and public transportation. This diversified approach allowed brands to not only highlight their uniqueness and value but also ensure effective reach to a broad spectrum of audiences, reflecting the diversity and dynamics of modern society.

The year 2024 looks to be just as intense, and we, considering the trends for the next 12 months, are already rubbing our hands together in anticipation of the results of our work. If you’re planning an interesting campaign – contact us. We will tailor your projects to outdoor advertising carriers and help plan your campaign from scratch.

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