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💁‍♀️The perfect media plan - which advertising is it worth investing in?

💁‍♀️The perfect media plan – which advertising is it worth investing in?

💁‍♀️The perfect media plan – which advertising is it worth investing in?

People spend more and more time away from home: at work, at the university, shopping, traveling.Therefore, creative outdoor advertising is an excellent way to reach busy, moving audience.Thanks to advanced technology, advertisers can instantly capture and catch the consumer’s attention in various public places, such as clinics, office buildings, airports, academic centres, public transport and service facilities.

Outdoor advertising, more than any other media, gives advertisers the opportunity to engage a wider audience. 94% of consumers remembered digital billboards using motion and light, according to The Product Acceptance & Research Institute of Washington, DC, which conducted research on consumer awareness and the level of image retention in memory. Innovative outdoor and indoor advertising is the most cost-effective way to advertise a product or service. This is a guarantee of capturing the attention of the target audience. As outdoor advertising offers many benefits, it becomes an attractive proposition for various public facilities.

  • First of all, and unlike other media, it cannot be turned off or thrown away, so there is NO WAY TO MISS IT. Its transmission increases brand awareness among the audience in a way that is profitable for advertisers. Moreover, digital outdoor/indoor advertising is an INNOVATIVE medium. Continuous investments in innovation have made outdoor a constantly evolving medium, offering new and exciting ways to engage audiences in strategic places, such as advertising in medical clinics, advertising in buses and trams, office buildings, in medical facilities and public transport.

University ads

  • digital outdoor/indoor is CONSUMER FRIENDLY. This non-invasive medium is part of consumers’ lives and attracts their attention. Hence, it works very well in university centres or private clinics. The dynamic, colorful and vivid image on the screen encourages potential customers to follow cultural information, get acquainted with the promotional offer of various products, thanks to which it creates the impression of shorter waiting times. The undoubted advantage of advertising is the wide range of the campaign, and our mood improves under the influence of broadcasting a specific programme format.


  • Digital outdoor advertising is DIVERSE. It reaches out to various social groups thanks to the wide variety of formats and environments in which the message is transmitted. Medicover medical facilities, which connect over 150 multimedia screens in over 80 facilities across the country, each month gather over 3 million potential customers from various industries and of all ages. The broadcast of matched content in a discreet and non-intrusive way takes the time of patients waiting for a visit, which means that advertisements for products from various industries are received very positively. DOOH diversity can be easily seen at airports and in office buildings. Every day they bring together several million potential clients from every social and professional groups. Thus, advertising in these places is an important means of promotion for products and services of every industry.

  • Digital outdoor advertising is a FLEXIBLE medium with a form of message highly suited to the recipient. The ad spots are easy to change – you can show different ads daily, weekly or at different times of the day depending on the ad campaign. Thanks to this, the message becomes not only relevant, but also broadcast in a timely manner, such as in the case of EDUTV, the largest network of carriers in Poland at universities, with an estimated scale of 600,000 a month. Depending on the needs and expectations of the recipient, it is possible not only to adjust the broadcasting time and frequency of displaying the spot, but also to design an appropriate creation. The flexibility of the message is guaranteed by the structure of the Business TV channel, the first advertising network in office buildings, which reaches a precisely defined audience.

  • CONTEXTUALITY of digital outdoor advertising consists in the possibility of placing it in places where the message counts. It is a medium whose content is adapted to the context, to the surrounding content. When a consumer visits a Medicover group clinic, he or she can find out about health, beauty or the offer of the clinic itself.

  • Outdoor advertising works well with other media. Its COMPLEMENTARITY is that it effectively complements or can be part of a wide media campaign and connects with other communication channels such as social, mobile or online media. It is a great tool for extending audience engagement and campaign reach. LED screens do not focus on product promotion only for a few hours, as in the case of television, but connect with the consumer throughout the day, and the modern system allows for quick update, modification of the message and adapting it to the consumer.

  • The scale of reaching the defined recipient is marked by MEASURABILITY. Thanks to the appropriate location, it is easy to estimate the number of consumers subjected to the spot visualization. Every month, several million patients visit medical clinics of the Medicover group, travel by means of transport, study in academic centers as well as visit or live in specific parts of the city/country. Therefore, digital outdoor/indoor advertising in these places is an excellent way to optimize investments for advertisers from various industries.

On the Polish market, the offer of outdoor and indoor advertising media is very rich, reaching a specific group of recipients and/or mass customers. Depending on what we want to achieve and who to reach; it is worth considering these media in your media plans, as they will be a perfect complement and strengthening of current advertising campaigns.

Joanna Pełech-Mikulska

Charismatic manager of the creative and client department of BE Media agency. A graduate of economics, political science and management. The author of numerous publications in the field of advertising, marketing and persuasion in communication. She has always been associated with marketing, and above all with creative outdoor advertising. She took her first professional steps in marketing departments in the United States, where she completed a 2-year graduate internship. After returning to Poland, she worked in the Polish branch of an American technology company, where she was responsible for the company's day-to-day contacts with Polish media and key business partners. The author of texts and a traveller with a passion for singing who adheres to the principle that there are no short-cuts to success.