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The most interesting ideas for advertising in the summer🍉

The most interesting ideas for advertising in the summer🍉

The most interesting ideas for advertising in the summer🍉

Summer is just around the corner 😊 While for many, the summer season means slowing down and easing the daily rush of life, advertising doesn’t slow down – especially outdoor advertising. It’s the perfect time to take your campaign to the people. In this article, we’ll show you our previous, most interesting and most effective (and spectacular) summer outdoor campaigns. Let them inspire you.

Why is it worth running OOH campaigns in the summer?

Every time we start working with a new client, we ask them, “Where are your potential customers?” And from our experience, most of them are outdoors, which is why we encourage creating creative campaigns that catch the eye and reach a wide audience.

Summer is a unique time of year when most people are outdoors. There’s a lot going on during the summer months: concerts, picnics, various events. All of these events encourage people to get out of the house. So since there’s so much going on, why not take advantage of it?

Marketing mix or how to combine OOH campaigns in the summer?

From our blog, you probably already know that we encourage you to mix different forms of marketing. This allows you to strengthen your brand’s position in the market, and additionally anchors the product or service in the potential customer’s mind.

So in the summer, we especially encourage investing in classic forms of OOH, such as posters or billboards, but also more modern ones like DOOH. In addition, a good solution is also advertising in public transportation – also at airports and on trains. More travelers mean a larger reach.

DOOH should not be overlooked because moving images catch the eye and are easier to remember. You can implement these on bus stops, in shopping malls, at airports, and most importantly, in public transportation vehicles.

DOOH allows for creating creative campaigns that can also be combined with social media. This way, you engage the audience and create a friendly image for customers. One example of combining campaigns with social media is placing QR codes in broadcasted spots. The codes can redirect the customer to your website or to social media.

Sales through fun

A good idea is to involve the customer in the campaign by offering them “fun”. In the summer, the carefree atmosphere particularly encourages engagement in various games and outdoor activities, which companies can benefit from. More and more often, contests involve completing various tasks. A commonly used and liked idea by customers is taking a photo with various objects related to the brand. For example, large 3D constructions, which are an example of ambient marketing.

What is ambient marketing?

Ambient marketing is a form of advertising aimed at surprising recipients with its form. It can be realized in various ways. In our portfolio, we have created special 3D installations that were placed in characteristic points of the city and caught the eye.

Another example we’ve implemented was creating a summer relaxation zone with comfortable deck chairs, featuring the client’s brand. Ambient marketing allows for letting your imagination run wild and creating amazing campaigns.

And did you know that your ad can be displayed on multimedia fountains at the Warsaw Royal Castle? Yes! This is exactly the campaign we did for the Lancome brand.

🎀Lancome – Fountain show ❤️


But one of the more interesting projects was a drone show we did for the Oral-B brand. It was one of our most labor-intensive projects, but the audience’s reaction showed us that every minute spent working on it was worth it. Thanks to this, the premiere of the new toothbrush model was a huge success! And summer is the perfect time to organize such a marketing action.

Or maybe you want to take customers for a ride in a specially prepared bus? We’ve already done a mobile café, so maybe it’s time for a mobile club that will take concert or festival participants straight to the event?

We also can’t forget one of our favorite campaigns of summer 2019: Adidas and the summer cinema at Plac Europejski. The well-known shoe manufacturer decided not only to display ads on the screen showing the film but also branded deck chairs and blankets, combined with DOOH ads in the Warsaw Spire complex. There were also 3D ads at bus shelters. It was a grand campaign (and a perfect example of marketing mix)!



Summer is just around the corner, but you can still plan your summer campaign. Just contact us and tell us what you want to advertise. Our team will create a personalized offer for you with an exceptional, eye-catching summer campaign. Or maybe you have a challenge for us that we haven’t done yet? We’re waiting for your message 😊


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