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Summer 2022 with BE Media

Summer 2022 with BE Media

Summer 2022 with BE Media

Is it worth betting on outdoor advertising this summer?All the signs in heaven and earth say yes.Outdoor advertising is making a great comeback after nearly three years of pandemic and downtime in the industry.The OOH took a serious recovery in spring and is expected to flourish throughout 2022, with a continuation into 2023.Why such assumptions? First of all, it is influenced by one factor: more and more consumers go outside, and thus more and more consumers pay attention to outdoor advertising.

The enthusiasm that gripped society after the end of the Covid-19 pandemic was visible to the naked eye. Not only in Poland, but all over the world, people started to leave their homes and spend time outside. Pedestrian and vehicle traffic has increased to places that were previously strongly restricted in terms of social life, including shops, restaurants, bars, cinemas, and even health centers. How does this translate into outdoor advertising? Extremely optimistic, especially in the summer. People are more often away from home, they plan trips, do shopping, and spend time with their families. For brands, this is of great importance – it is tantamount to increasing engagement on the part of recipients and increasing the possibility of selling goods and services.

  1. Take a break from online advertising and take care of your health.…

OOH is in the spotlight today. After spending the last two years in front of a computer at work, at school, in a social life, many people: firstly, are tired / irritated by the screen, and secondly – they have lost their sensitivity to Internet advertising. Therefore, they either skip them, ignore them entirely, or use ad-blocking programs. What’s more, the IPSOS survey for Huawei conducted in 2021 confirmed that Poles spent more time in front of the computer in the pandemic, which resulted in a deterioration of the condition of eyesight in 70%. This is the perfect time for marketers to shift their ad spend towards OOH and provide consumers with more relevant and contextual advertising. During travel, commuting to work and social meetings, advertising in/on public transport, in office buildings, trains and stations, illuminations, on boards and billboards as well as all kinds of ambient advertising in urban space will be especially useful.

Unfortunately, the pandemic cast a shadow over our health, and it is by no means only about the eyesight. As the priority was “covid cases” and the fear of being infected with the virus in a medical facility, access to state medical care was either restricted or postponed. Therefore, many consumers have started to use private medical care. Along with the increase in the number of patients, advertisers have the opportunity to intensify the exposure of their products in facilities that stand out with visibility and credibility. TVPharma premium not only positively influences patients’ experiences, but is also an important medium promoting products and services of every industry branch.

  1. Spend time outdoors

For almost every brand, the warmer months mean increased sales and revenue opportunities. Consumers are in a summer mood and willingly organize their free time outside the home, participate in outdoor cultural and recreational events, and meet up with family or friends.

According to the PAYBACK Opinion Poll from October 2021, Poles most often spend their free time meeting with family or friends. So companies have the perfect opportunity to show themselves, whether their goal is to increase awareness or generate sales. By choosing strategic locations, they can easily implement this assumption. One of the biggest open-air attractions in Warsaw is the summer cinema, especially as it’s free. This place, visited by thousands of people, becomes an ideal place for advertisers: you can promote your products on the screen as the main sponsor or in the form of an advertising spot, present yourself in the form of product sampling during screenings or advertise on deckchairs. Advertising combined with culture is an ideal marriage, especially since the recipient is very diverse.

  1. Get away…

Holiday/Summer is the most popular travel season. People all over the world are planning trips, maybe even more this year than before the pandemic. According to a survey conducted by The Harris Poll for the OAAA in March 2022, the majority of American adults (85%) are planning their holidays this summer. For advertisers, it is a dream opportunity to promote their products/services in a very visible way – using OOH ads. What’s more, the ad can be presented to a wide audience, and in various places: at train stations, in buses, at airports, on boards and billboards in city centres and along the travel route.

  1. Use public transport…

Public transport is becoming more and more common. First of all, more and more people commute to work, because employees return to offices, to stationary work. Second, people are increasingly travelling by public transport due to convenience and economic factors. Therefore, advertisers are presented here with some possibilities of promotion by means of visible OOH in facilities with longer stay time or exposure, such as advertising on buses and buses, in trams, at stops.

  1. Go back to school after summer holidays…

Yes, yes, the holidays have not started yet, and here it is about the next school year – someone can respond. Indeed, but the July-August campaigns under the slogan “We go back to school” area response to the needs of many parents who complete the school starter kit gradually, depending on their financial resources.

According to Deloitte’s analysis from 2021, the average cost of a school starter kit for one child is about PLN 1,388. And although you can wait until September with the purchase of notebooks and school supplies, parents usually think about items such as sports shoes, backpack, PE outfit earlier, which is a great opportunity for brands to promote their goods not only on screens in shopping malls, but also in places frequently visited by parents and children, such as summer cinema.


OOH advertising is now more noticeable than it was before the pandemic. For advertisers, this is the perfect opportunity to connect with the desired segment of consumers. Brands now have a chance to take advantage of this increase in consumers’ attention and, through OOH, send them a message, a message that will have a positive impact on the recipient and increase brand awareness.




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