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Short video formats 🎥

Short video formats🎥

Short video formats🎥

Social media consistently evoke strong emotions among most people. Some love it, while others hate it. Regardless, it’s important to remember that social media (SoMe) is one of the most important marketing tools. They shorten the distance between creators and followers, fostering customer loyalty to the brand. Therefore, it’s worth dedicating some time to social media and creating engaging videos for TikTok and Instagram. But how do you do that?

Why should you make videos for your business TikTok and Instagram?

If one of your first questions is “Why bother making reels at all? Aren’t photos enough?” the answer is, unfortunately, photos alone are no longer sufficient. This doesn’t mean you should stop posting photos entirely, but it’s worthwhile to diversify your feed with videos as well.

Just like in the case of DOOH advertising, moving images in social media attract more attention than static photos. Moreover, they offer more possibilities for showcasing a product. You could simply have a photo presenting your product, but it’s much better to show it in use. Don’t worry if your company focuses on services; these can also be shown in a video. An example from the influencer world is Klaudia Halejcio – an actress and influencer whose comedic videos win the hearts of internet users and make them laugh out loud.

Klaudia frequently collaborates with well-known brands, showcasing not only products (clothes, cosmetics, electronic gadgets) but also services, such as vacations with a travel agency or closet organization services.

Such videos sell because they show the product in use and its actual application, which is more convincing than a simple photo (similar to TV commercials).

Do I have to dance? Why follow and participate in trends?

Social media is primarily known for its entertainment function. SoMe are meant to entertain, give people a sense of pleasure, and make them smile. Hence, trends and challenges that users replicate are popular. Some involve short choreographed routines (like the Wednesday Addams dance – p.s. our Kasia danced too 😉) or various challenges testing mobility and physical fitness. Others are less demanding. Most of them can be interestingly adapted to your industry.

Publishing such a video primarily shows that you have a sense of humor and that your company follows trends. This is especially important if your clients belong to Generation Z, though millennials also enjoy having fun 😉

If you can’t keep up with trends yourself, it’s worth hiring someone who knows how to do it.

The orchestra plays: a few words about music

Sometimes, all it takes for a video to gain popularity is to choose the right music track. You don’t have to perform more or less complicated choreography. Just overlay a current Instagram or TikTok hit (oh, that Pedro!) on your recording. Then, like in a well-known music quiz show, users will immediately recognize the famous song from the first note and will be more inclined to watch videos using it. Often, they are curious to see how it has been reused. So, if you want to attract viewers to your account, bet on musical hits.

Don’t just speak, write too!

Another way to attract viewers and capture their attention is by creating videos with captions. This is important for two reasons:

  1. People who are hard of hearing can watch the same content as other users without feeling excluded.
  2. Often, social media is browsed on phones while commuting or in public places where watching videos with sound isn’t always possible. Captions ensure that instead of skipping to the next reel, viewers will stay with your video.

Remember to consider the opinions of your followers by regularly asking them various questions. You can ask about the color of the next product or seek advice on a completely different matter.

It’s also good to prepare a thumbnail with a short, catchy text to encourage users to click on the reel.

Time is money!

Remember the saying “time is money”? In social media, this is also true, although the currency isn’t dollars or euros. Here, time itself is the currency. Users have millions of content pieces to consume, so they can’t watch everything. They have to choose. To stand out, remember all the principles mentioned above and add one more: don’t create reels that are too long. Sometimes, a few seconds are enough to capture a viewer’s attention. Since they loop automatically, the algorithm treats them as if they were watched multiple times, thus promoting the video in the “explore” section.

Content must be short enough to be quickly consumed, yet enjoyable to watch, and should encourage viewers to follow your profile. Aim to convey your message in up to 60 seconds.

Quality above all!

Finally, an important rule mentioned by all influencers: clean your camera lens 😉 A dirty camera lens on your phone can deteriorate the quality of the recording. Social media loves high-quality, beautiful images. Therefore, when creating a professional profile, adopt a professional approach. Use the right equipment for recording, keep your lens clean, ensure good lighting, and have an aesthetic background. All of this matters because it relates to the Greek ethos of kalos kagathos – beautiful and good. High-quality videos are also a testament to the quality of your services or products.

Be Media is also on social media. You can watch our videos on TikTok (look here! 😊). On our profile, you’ll find humorous videos as well as our takes on popular trends. You’ll see many of our projects there.

We also encourage you to actively combine social media with outdoor campaigns, especially DOOH, as there is great potential for synergy and increasing reach. If you don’t know how to do this, contact us – we’ll plan your campaign and integrate it with social media 😊


Dorota Szeliga-Kobus

A graduate of Polish philology at the University of Warsaw, with a specialization in "philology for media". She has been actively involved in the world of copywriting for almost 10 years. She gained experience by collaborating with PR and marketing agencies in the field of creating SEO texts, specialized texts, blog posts, and content for social media. Additionally, she is a fitness instructor and a self-defense class instructor for children. A lover of mindfulness, active leisure, musicals, and photography. At BE Media, she is responsible for creating texts appealing to readers, producing textual materials for the internal needs of the marketing and advertising department, and preparing newsletters for the agency's clients.