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Other media


You have not found in our offer the media that interests you? Nothing lost! Many years of experience allow us to adjust the offer directly to the client. We have extensive experience not only on the outdoor market, but also in projects on many other media carriers.

Billboards and advertising boards

Are you looking for effective and cheap advertising for your company? Bet on billboards and advertising boards. Billboards are a reliable and proven form of promotion that allows you to reach thousands of potential customers at a low cost. We provide the best media locations that will allow to acquire new customers.


Citylight is a poster bound in illuminated frames which are usually placed at the eye level in bus shelters. The big advantage of these carriers is the recipient’s long time contact with the advertisement – waiting for the bus it is difficult not to pay attention to the highlighted citylights, according to studies waiting for a bus?


Why a press advertisement? The press as a widely available and valued source of information effectively attracts the recipient’s attention – the fact that the recipient will see an advertisement/article is certain – the only thing we have to do is to arouse interest and encourage to get acquainted with the promoted offer. How to do it? Ask our specialists.


Poles love to watch TV and there is no indication that it would change – TV viewing measurements continue to perform very well. So if you do not want to be ahead of the competition, consider TV advertising. TV advertising is a proven and reliable way of communicating with the client, which cannot be missed in your media plan.


Radio advertising has been known for years as a stable marketing tool. Widely available and attractive to listeners, it reaches around 22 million customers a day. Radio broadcasts reach virtually everywhere. The wide coverage and division into regional channels enable precise selection of recipients – important ones from the point of view of the advertiser.