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How to evaluate the work of an Advertising Agency? 5 Points to consider in collaboration.

How to evaluate the work of an Advertising Agency?✅ 5 Points to consider in collaboration.

How to evaluate the work of an Advertising Agency?✅ 5 Points to consider in collaboration.

Collaborating with an advertising agency entails a long-term partnership, each encompassing a range of activities agreed upon from the outset. Clients expect the agency to meet all their expectations and be satisfied with the collaboration. But how can you assess the work of an advertising agency if you’re not knowledgeable about marketing yourself? Here are 5 points to easily evaluate your collaboration with the agency.

✅Regular Communication

You don’t need to constantly call the agency to inquire about the progress of the campaign – nor should you expect a call after every single step. However, consistent communication with your account manager is crucial. You should feel free to reach out by phone or email whenever you have doubts about the project or come up with an interesting idea. Communication and dialogue are vital for effective collaboration! You have the right to expect a response, but if you have no contact with the agency between signing the contract and the final execution of the campaign, that should raise a red flag.

It’s also good practice to have contact after the campaign ends, to review the activities and present initial results. This ensures that the agency is committed to the success of your campaign.

The first contact is the most important. In the case of our agency, Be Media, you can Google reviews about our company – you’ll read that our clients are surprised by how quickly we call them after receiving the first message from them.


Business loves numbers. They often indicate whether marketing efforts are effective. In the case of advertising, you can’t measure results after a week or even a month because these are long-term actions. However, you can expect the agency to report on their work. These don’t have to be official reports, but short emails with information on recent activities suffice. All Be Media clients regularly receive mini-reports on the progress of their campaigns, and at the end, they receive a full report detailing all campaign details. It’s the only report of its kind in Poland.

✅Customized Campaign Adaptation

Every client has different needs and expectations. You may represent the same industry as your competitors, but you might have a completely different target audience. Therefore, it’s crucial to notice whether the agency proposes different solutions for you compared to their previous clients, or if they rely on standard and repetitive actions. You can ask the agency to present their portfolio to see what they’ve done so far. If all projects look the same, be cautious.

✅Time is Money: Timeliness of Orders

In business, time is money, but order timeliness is even more important. Of course, you should consider that ordinary people work in an advertising agency, and they may also encounter unforeseen situations – or something may happen that completely surprises the world (like the Covid-19 pandemic or the war outbreak in Ukraine). But if the deadline for your campaign’s execution keeps getting delayed, it’s a sign that you should look for another agency.

✅Utilization of Modern Technologies

Modern technologies are sometimes seen as a threat to humans, but on the other hand, they tremendously ease everyday life. In marketing, it’s also worth keeping up with technological developments. That’s why our agency decided to introduce DOOH media as soon as possible. Thanks to them, we noticed a significant increase in interest in this form of advertising among both consumers and companies commissioning marketing campaigns. Therefore, if you’re interested in implementing modern technologies into your company’s marketing, and the agency tries to dissuade you from it “because they don’t do it, because they don’t like it,” this is also a warning sign.

Be Media – 90% Returning Clients

In our agency, our clients provide the assessment. 90% of them come back to us to execute further campaigns. Thank you! However, having a steady client base doesn’t mean we employ standard actions, because every time we strive to offer a touch of freshness to the campaign, ensuring each one stands out and is even better than the previous one. Our regular clients often opt to use new forms of advertising they hadn’t tried before. And thanks to our extensive database of OOH, DOOH, and City Transport media, we can creatively execute any campaign. We invite you to collaborate.


BE Media

We provide comprehensive service and implementation of Out-of-home advertising . Thanks to years of experience we know where to find your potential customers and what means to use to draw the attention to your advertising. The confidence that brands have in us is not unfounded – we simply implement effective campaigns. Despite the multitude of media in various parts of the city, we are not obtrusive. Our adverts are not very invasive – both for the user and for the urban landscape. They do not irritate but intrigue the audience. In our opinion, this is the best way for the campaign to be saved in the memory of a potential client.