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📌 Case Study: Sharp manufacturer of smart home electronics

📌 Case Study: Sharp manufacturer of smart home electronics

📌 Case Study: Sharp manufacturer of smart home electronics

Many clients are looking for a new way to reach active consumers to inform them about their products as quickly as possible and simply increase sales. Successful communication with a potential customer consists of many interconnected elements that determine the effectiveness of such activities.

Case identification, genesis and dynamics of the phenomenon

In recent times, the choice of appropriate household appliances has become quite a challenge for consumers. Although a wide range of household products is available on the market, customers are guided in their purchase by different motives than years ago, such as color, size or price of the appliance. Nowadays, the dominant factors are becoming safety and health care (especially for children and allergy sufferers), environmental protection and economy of use (including electricity and water saving).

Such expectations were met by the Sharp brand, which, in an advertising and educational campaign by the BE Media advertising agency, emphasized what to consider when choosing household appliances and according to what parameters to select this equipment for the kitchen, laundry and bedroom.

The purpose of the campaign

  • To inform potential customers about new Sharp products,
  • to educate about the impact of household appliances on their health and safety,
  • to present practical solutions offered by Sharp appliances, including those useful for the birth of a child and allergy problems,
  • showing the possibility of improving the household budget by saving energy and water during the operation of the device,
  • to arouse the recipient’s interest in the promoted products and persuade them to purchase.

Solutions implemented and actions taken

A long-term educational campaign for the Sharp brand was carried out by the BE Media advertising agency. The mission of the project is to educate Poles about the impact of household appliances on health and safety. Due to the educational and health-promoting nature of the campaign, the advertising campaign had its exposure in a network of private medical facilities.

The campaign was nationwide in scope. Its concept was based on the broadcast of a series of spots dedicated to health-safe and economically beneficial appliances, such as Sharp dishwashers, washing machines and purifiers. Each commercial lasted 30 seconds and was aired at a high broadcast frequency. The advertising and information campaign was implemented through multimedia screens placed in strategic locations – in waiting rooms, in front of doctors’ offices and in pharmacies. Thanks to TVPharma’s premium advertising and education network, the exposure is taking place where it has been noticed. The environment in which the campaign was carried out is a highly favorable place, visited by audiences strictly focused on the health of themselves, their family and their charges. Hence, media in medical facilities are becoming a permanent form of communication with the patient, and the idea is primarily to provide reliable information and make their time more pleasant. TVPharma premium is a tool to educate patients about their health on a daily basis.

Sharp bets on education in health

“Smart home appliances have a huge impact not only on increasing the comfort of life, but also on the health and safety of users and improving the health of the household budget. Importantly, our campaign shows solutions that are useful in specific situations, such as the birth of a child, problems with allergies or the desire to save money”- concludes Waldemar Pokora, Product Manager at Vestel Poland.

Effects of the campaign

The campaign covered a multi-million dollar group of active consumers who are particularly concerned about their health and that of their loved ones, and according to recent surveys, almost half of Poles (46 percent) already use private health care. An important element of the campaign was to build awareness, since according to research* a customer needs to see a brand message at least 4-6 times before he or she is ready to trust enough to make a purchase. Through long-term efforts, Sharp has built customer trust, credibility and recognition. The company’s advertising has heightened brand awareness, helped connect with consumers, and built a strong and long-lasting relationship. The message was very positively received by customers in all age groups (especially women (66%) 25-55 years).

People are making purchasing choices with increasing vigilance, so they are increasingly concerned about the company’s openness, accessibility, honesty and right attitude. Through long-term, permanent exposure, consumers have gained information about the quality and function of household appliances. They learned about the tangible benefits of using a washing machine, dishwasher and air purifier in their daily lives, and were reassured about the qualities of the promoted products: health, economic and those related to safety.

In addition, a very important aspect of the campaign was the fact that the messages were repeated ( constant and frequent rotation of spots), i.e. a procedure for taming the customer with the fact that the product is on the market and building product awareness (spontaneous brand awareness).

In addition, according to the survey, most patients (71%) pay attention to multimedia screens in clinics while waiting for an appointment and follow the content presented on them. For 68% of those surveyed, the content is attractive. Importantly, advertising on the clinic grounds inspires confidence in as many as 70% of people*.

A credible, original and widespread advertising message allowed the product to be promoted to a very wide audience. It is worth noting that the Sharp brand is a manufacturer that has been serving society for more than 100 years. The motto – we strive for excellence – is in line with the company’s vision, as reflected in high-end products and a responsible approach to the environment. TVPharma’s premium TVPharma positively influences the patient experience, being a very important medium for promoting products and services of any industry.


BE Media

We provide comprehensive service and implementation of Out-of-home advertising . Thanks to years of experience we know where to find your potential customers and what means to use to draw the attention to your advertising. The confidence that brands have in us is not unfounded – we simply implement effective campaigns. Despite the multitude of media in various parts of the city, we are not obtrusive. Our adverts are not very invasive – both for the user and for the urban landscape. They do not irritate but intrigue the audience. In our opinion, this is the best way for the campaign to be saved in the memory of a potential client.