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Advertising using the Internet of Things (IoT): displaying ads on IoT devices in public transport

Advertising using the Internet of Things (IoT): displaying ads on IoT devices in public transport

Advertising using the Internet of Things (IoT): displaying ads on IoT devices in public transport

IoT technology is not the newest technology. In fact, it is used daily by almost every mobile phone owner. Many companies still do not realize that by using this technology, they can create precise advertising campaigns broadcasted in public transport – one of the most effective forms of OOH (Out-Of-Home) advertising. From this article, you’ll learn what IoT is, how it is used in marketing, and the benefits it brings to companies.

What is IoT?

IoT, or the Internet of Things, was first introduced in 1999. So, it is not the newest technology but still offers great development opportunities. IoT is a system based on global communication networks, cloud technologies, and advanced data processing algorithms. The purpose of IoT is to facilitate communication between objects without human intervention.

The goal of IoT is to collect data and then analyze it. This allows for the automation and improvement of various processes. It also enables the elimination of all inefficient actions and the enhancement of processes.

IoT operates in real-time (RT), allowing not only for quick responses but also the ability to automatically adapt to environmental conditions and provide very accurate, precise data.

You might not even realize it, but IoT technology is used in all “smart” devices – including household appliances. If two physical objects are equipped with appropriate sensors and software, they can send information to each other via the internet. This is the case with popular smartwatches and smartphones, which exchange information about, for example, heart rate or distance traveled. This is also how household appliances like washing machines or ovens operate.

The basis for data transmission is, of course, user consent given through the application. Based on IoT, appropriate advertising messages can also be created.

What does the use of IoT technology allow in marketing?

IoT transmits data in real-time, making it possible to check which days of the week our potential customers watch TV, how often, and how long they spend in front of screens. Obtaining such information will facilitate targeting ads to the appropriate target groups.

Similarly, with ads broadcasted in public transport vehicles, obtaining information about where the user of a given phone is allows for their localization and the creation of a precise advertising plan based on geotargeting.

Knowing the “commuting path” of a potential customer, you can easily determine in which vehicles and at what times it is worth displaying a given advertising message. After all, the broadcast of ads, for example, on buses, is also significant.

Benefits of IoT for companies

Using this type of technology to create precisely tailored advertising messages in public transport brings many benefits to companies:

  • optimization and integration of target groups,
  • creation of precise advertising messages,
  • increased ROI on advertising spending,
  • reduced operational marketing costs,
  • real-time data tracking and quick adjustments to the advertising message to ensure its effectiveness,
  • increased competitiveness,
  • better and easier decision-making.

Every message should be tailored to potential customers. If the target group is broad in terms of age, it is worth promoting places in public transport that are located near potential customers, such as museums, sports centers, shopping, or service points.

It is important to precisely analyze the information sent by devices – especially those concerning customer profiles – because this allows you to create an effective advertising message. However, you don’t have to worry about its form. That’s what we are here for 😊. For many years, our agency has been planning and implementing marketing campaigns in public transport vehicles. We have access to media in trams, buses, and the metro. If you want to know the details of working with us and how we use IoT data to create effective and impressive campaigns in public transport, contact us.

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