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Advertising on buildings – how to attract the consumer's attention

Advertising on buildings (large format advertising) is one of the most impressive types of outdoor advertising. It is distinguished by a large exhibition area and location on buildings within the most attractive parts of the city or on crowded highways. Due to its large size, it catches the customer’s eye much better than any other form of advertising. In this way, the advertised message effectively “settles” in the minds of the recipients. And most importantly, advertising on buildings in Poland is not reserved only for large agglomerations, but it is also available in most cities and towns.

Outdoor advertising can take many different forms. One of them is advertising on buildings. Usually, we mean a large-format mesh, a large billboard on the building or advertising banners for buildings.

Advertising on buildings in Poland is a very popular form of advertising for many industries, due to its size, location and the inability to omit it. In our agency, we offer advertising on buildings in several dozen proven locations. Such advertising is usually illuminated and well visible even in the evening time.

Advertisements of this type are mounted on the building facades, in places with high traffic. Large-format advertising, also known as advertising on buildings, is a non-standard and very effective form of drawing the consumer’s attention. It is perfect for urban spaces, but not only. It can also be placed on a busy, frequented road as well as in other places. It’s hard to miss it.

Creative advertising on buildings is displayed primarily in public spaces. It is impossible to remain indifferent to this form of visual marketing.

Advertising on buildings certainly attracts attention. It is a signpost for those customers who, until now, did not even know what the profile of the company’s activity is. This is the perfect way to promote every type of business. Properly adapted advertising message and graphic design create an image that affects awareness. Advertising on buildings remains in the memory, gives the recipient the opportunity to remember certain details. All this means that by using it, the company can acquire a large group of new customers.

With this form of marketing, the key is to plan everything properly. It is worth remembering that advertising on buildings will fulfill its function well, provided that it is thought out and properly designed. Even the best medium will not help if the project is not very engaging, unreadable, poorly designed and uninteresting. So what is worth remembering when deciding on large-format advertising? Make sure that the graphics on the advertisement is aesthetic, and the advertisement content intriguing and engaging the recipients and potential users of your product or service.

A well-thought-out advertising banner on the building is a very important element of the promotional campaign. Its advantage is also the fact that it affects recipients 24 hours a day. In addition, a catchy advertising slogan, a well-designed creation or photo or illustration in a very good quality as well as a matched number of details can effectively draw attention to a given service or product. The execution is also extremely important here – perfect print quality and attention to detail guarantee success.

One of the most important advantages of creative advertising on buildings is that due to its wide range and long-lasting impact, it increases the chance of remembering specific information and images. Undoubtedly, the costs of advertising on buildings are also much lower, compared to a TV spot or even an online campaign.

Advertising on buildings is therefore an exceptionally profitable and effective advertising option in relation to the effects it gives and the group of recipients it reaches. The most standard and, at the same time, one of the most advantageous solutions will be busy places in the city centre, as well as access roads and frequently visited places. In order to achieve advertising effectiveness, brands must plan their advertising activities and budget in such a way as to take care of the entire message. Its inseparable component is creative outdoor advertising, which fits perfectly into the solutions proposed by our BE Media agency.

The solutions proposed by BE Media are a particularly wide spectrum of possibilities for advertisers and a very important element in planning an effective advertising strategy, especially since today’s outdoor advertising is a diverse mix of not only billboards, but also street furniture, transport and media in a specific, selected by the client, place. Importantly, it is worth not to succumb to stereotypes – large format advertising is not reserved only for the largest companies. Each brand, regardless of its size, can use the enormous potential of such a medium for its advertising purposes. That is why we – BE Media – will advise you on the perfect solution for your large-format advertising.