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5 reasons why customers love summer campaigns🔆

5 reasons why customers love summer campaigns🔆

5 reasons why customers love summer campaigns🔆

Advertising campaigns are extremely popular in the summer.Why is that? Because the summer season evokes positive emotions in consumers, and everything associated with it is received more favorably. This isn’t the only reason, though. Here are five reasons why it’s worth conducting marketing campaigns in the summer.

  1. Customers have a positive attitude

Sunlight not only produces vitamin D, essential for everyone’s health, but also dopamine, the happiness hormone. Sun and warmth positively affect audiences, leading to a better attitude towards everything around them, including advertisements. That’s why summer campaigns are more likely to be well-received. People bothered by weather conditions or poor health are more critical, even of the best advertisements. A good mood makes it easier to reach them, as they are more open to experiencing and receiving new messages.

  1. They appreciate creative campaigns

Marketing can be conducted in various ways, including ambient advertising. At Be Media, we’ve conducted many interesting outdoor campaigns in unique forms. We’ve organized drone shows, helped Adidas set up a summer cinema, and showcased Lancome during a fountain show in Warsaw. In summer, when most customers are outdoors, such campaigns catch the eye and help reinforce brand awareness. These campaigns are non-intrusive, differing from standard OOH campaigns like billboards. They only communicate the brand name. Branding gadgets or creating unique constructions with the company’s logo are seen as creative by the audience, enhancing the brand’s image. Unusual actions are memorable, increasing the chances of acquiring customers through the experiences related to the campaign.

  1. They seek connections to their own experiences

Many campaigns mentioning vacations use an emotional approach to memories. There’s often an element that resonates well with audiences, bringing back good memories that instantly bring a smile to their faces. This includes places, people, and events. Anything that evokes positive associations is more likely to be watched by consumers. They start to feel a connection with the company. If the campaign also mentions values important to the audience, it’s an added advantage.

  1. Summer campaigns are filled with colors

Summer campaigns use a lot of colors. The advertisements aren’t subdued but contrasted with the surroundings. They are meant to be noticeable and colorful, with more hues evoking summer, which is abundant in them. Colorful clothes, flowers, the color of sand, sea, and forest—all these make summer unique. The same goes for outdoor advertisements, where color is widely used. Summer is a time for spontaneity and trying new things, including in fashion. That’s why people dress more colorfully in summer and seek colors after a dark and “grey” winter. Creating advertisements using many bright colors is a good approach.

  1. They encourage experiences, not just purchases

Unlike many campaigns focused on product sales, summer campaigns encourage consumers to experience and experiment. They urge audiences to go outside, enjoy summer attractions, and travel near and far. Companies are increasingly aware that the psychological well-being of consumers leads to a better perception of the company. Even if a campaign aims at sales, by presenting the joy of experiencing new things, the customer doesn’t feel pressured to buy. They want to try something new, go to a new place. Thus, the campaign achieves its image-building goal while also increasing the chances of sales growth.

Any form of outdoor advertising works great in summer. The more interesting and surprising, the better for the company. More time spent outdoors increases the chance of contact with the advertisement, proving its effectiveness. At Be Media, we encourage mixing various forms of outdoor advertising. It’s worth trying advertising on public transportation and combining it with ads displayed on LCD screens in shopping malls. Also, consider displaying ads before movies in outdoor cinemas as a form of ambient advertising. Our advertising agency, Be Media, guarantees the availability of thousands of media outlets that reach millions of recipients, ensuring the success of the campaign.


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