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🍉Data-Driven Advertising

🍉Data-Driven Advertising

🍉Data-Driven Advertising

An effective OOH campaign can be said to occur when there is an increase in brand awareness. Outdoor advertisements can sell, but their main task is to build the image and awareness of the brand among potential customers. Poles do not like advertisements, but when they are personalized, their reception is positive. In this article, you will learn how to use customer data to create more personalized and effective outdoor campaigns.

What are OOH Campaigns?

OOH, or out-of-home, are outdoor campaigns that can take various forms. Diverse media are used for their implementation. Among the campaigns carried out by our agency are:

  • Classic OOH (Out-Of-Home) media include posters, billboards, boards, citylights, advertising columns, and large-format mesh,
  • Ambient campaigns refer to non-standard campaigns, such as illuminations on Warsaw Spire,
  • DOOH (Digital Out-Of-Home) media encompass digital out-of-home advertising media, including LED screens and LCD screens found in private clinics, office buildings, bus stops, public transport vehicles (like buses, metro, trams), metro stations, shopping malls, and universities.
  • Advertising on buses and trams is referred to as advertising media in public transportation.

Each of the advertisements presented on the above-mentioned media achieves a high reach rate. Every day, even hundreds of thousands of people come into contact with at least one of our outdoor campaigns. This type of campaign allows you to reach people who cannot be reached through traditional media, as well as via the internet (including social media).

What Matters When Creating Personalized Outdoor Campaigns?

To create personalized outdoor campaigns, you need to have knowledge about your target group. Before implementing the advertisement, it is worth analyzing who the customer is: their age, interests, where they live, how they spend their free time, and how they move around. All this information allows for the creation of effective campaigns that can increase brand awareness in society, which directly translates into increased sales of products or services offered.

In case of doubts about who the advertisement should be directed to, it is worth consulting the problem with outdoor advertising specialists. Our team, with many years of experience, has extensive knowledge of the behaviors and preferences of ad recipients.

Does Place of Residence Matter?

The location of the advertisement in a chosen city or district is crucial for creating effective advertising campaigns. If companies create products available exclusively in luxury shopping centers in large cities, advertising them in a small town far from the place of sale will be a mistake. When creating campaigns, it is necessary to consider where the target groups, for whom the products are created, live.

Not only the place of residence matters. The place of work is equally important. If we decide to display the advertisement on LCD screens located in office buildings where large enterprises are headquartered, it is worth opting for the advertisement of premium products.

On the other hand, products offered to everyone, whose use is independent of wallet size, age, or education level, can be advertised, for example, in public transport vehicles. Every day, millions of passengers travel by public transport. This is a very diverse audience group, whose needs are not uniform. Despite this, it is good to advertise, among others, places (entertainment points, service premises, shops, or restaurants) that can be reached by buses or trams.

The Time of Emission Matters

Another factor worth considering is the time of emission of advertisements. DOOH media allow for full automation of activities and planning the emission of the campaign at selected times of the day. If the target group is young mothers, it is worth airing the campaigns in the early morning hours when parents take their children to educational institutions, and also in the afternoon when they pick them up. On the other hand, products created for seniors can be advertised in the middle of the day when there is no so-called communication peak.

Where to Present the Campaign? How to Choose the Presentation Location?

If you know your target group, know where they live, and at what times you can reach them, an important element for an effective campaign is also the place of its presentation.

We have already mentioned above that the place of residence matters, but this time it is about choosing the location of a specific medium. While public transport allows for the implementation of mobile campaigns that move with the passenger, advertisements presented on billboards or specific stops are limited to visibility in a specific location.

For example: when advertising a new restaurant, it is good to choose a stop located in its close vicinity. Similarly, with advertising products or services offered to students. Then it is worth choosing stops or billboards located in the immediate vicinity of educational institutions.

Summary: Data-driven advertising takes into account many factors, such as age, social status, place of residence, gender, and way of moving around. Personalized advertisements are better received by customers, which is why it is worth creating them to increase brand awareness and sales of products and services. The better the advertisement is tailored to the customer’s needs, the better its reception and greater interest. OOH campaigns carried out by Be Media are broadcast on thousands of advertising media in most Polish cities. We offer professional advice on the choice of media and create campaigns from A to Z. To learn more about our offer and to create a personalized campaign together for your audience, contact us.

BE Media

We provide comprehensive service and implementation of Out-of-home advertising . Thanks to years of experience we know where to find your potential customers and what means to use to draw the attention to your advertising. The confidence that brands have in us is not unfounded – we simply implement effective campaigns. Despite the multitude of media in various parts of the city, we are not obtrusive. Our adverts are not very invasive – both for the user and for the urban landscape. They do not irritate but intrigue the audience. In our opinion, this is the best way for the campaign to be saved in the memory of a potential client.